Neurocoaching the Mind: A Brain-Based Approach to Business, Financial, and Life Success

Event Date: April 26-27, 2013

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Neurocoaching the mind uses a simple strategic process to tune attention to resourceful states. Based in the latest neuroscience findings this practical approach changes motivation, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

This exciting new seminar is open to leaders in all walks of life, business owners, therapists, teachers, attorneys, and life coaches who are interested in learning the latest information on how to coach others and yourself to create success in business, money matters, and life. Leaders in all capacities require the most advanced coach training possible.

When you know how to make your brain work, you can improve personal income, business, and lifestyle.

All individuals and businesses suffer down periods. The neural mechanisms of making a comeback bolsters health, achievement and resilience and can buffer against depression and anxiety. In fact, our brain’s neural mechanisms fire off significantly more when we visualize, imagine, or participate towards making a comeback. This is best done with a coach or group of like-minded people with proven strategies that work.

By developing your perfect day as a map for the future and a specific plan, in business, finances, and life, participants can develop total clarity, become more influential, and attract the best matches in clients.

We will cover how to identify your core identity and develop a plan to move toward the future you want to create. We will discuss how to increase your business, and how to have more personal fulfillment.

Your Mental States and habits cause you to do and see only that which supports the internal beliefs and behavior patterns you currently have. Our internal neural pathways seek out similar patterns and information that match up in the physical world. The outside world matching our internal image is our comfort zone.

Your internal mental picture—your current conditioned mind—will not see or allow you to behave for too long, in ways that support your desired financial goals unless you change the inside belief and habit first. The same is true for business and life.

Please join us for this exciting 2 days for a transformational experience.

12 Ceu’s are available for Texas therapists.

Renaissance Houston Hotel
6 Greenway Plaza East,
Houston, Texas 77046

call: 1-800-266-9432

Register online or call Ann Byrd 713 529-4588

*Fees can only be returned by a written request 15 days prior to the workshop. Otherwise the fee will be held for another workshop.

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