Buddhist nun Pema Chodron tells us “now is the only time. How we relate to it creates the future…what we do accumulates; the future is what we do now.” So what do we leave behind in 2012 and create anew in 2013?

Often our own self-absorption, background of edginess, and refusal to train the mind into calm states, leads us into unhappiness. When we just allow the edginess to come up and observe it, eventually it fades.

If we focus on possibilities, an open field from which we can create from our focus and intention, 2013 can be a year of joy and expansion. This kind of mental practice turns us away from the stories of the ego; those that keep our upset going, and powerful, old mental habits that lead us to negative perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors.

When we can calm the mind, move beyond craving and upset, we know the right path; we know what to do. How do you accomplish this?
Focus on turning on your brain’s play circuit!! What new adventures do you want to have this year? What is the most fun you have ever had? What were you doing? Make it a goal to have fun every day!!

We can achieve goals we set for the new year. Even though most goals don’t last past January, if you decide now what you want to accomplish, set a time limit for working on them each day, take action, and follow the action with something really fun, you will be in a different place at the end of the first month.

And then, keep going.

Make 2013 a really Happy New Year!!

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