As we come up to the holidays, it is helpful to think ahead about how you will manage the stress. While fun, these times can put you into states of overarousal. Your mental states that precede thoughts and feelings influence your health. And your own mental suggestions, negative judgments of others without input from them, beliefs about what is true, and fears influence your daily life experience. What you think about repetitively completely changes how you feel throughout the day. If you think you will have a bad day, chances are you will.

If you begin to notice negative thoughts and mental states, interrupt them. You can shift your state very quickly and actually do this many times a day. When you find yourself making judgments of others without understanding their intentions (and most everyone has good intentions), examine benign explanations. How often do you think about Monday as being a pain to get up and go to work? Or do the negative states have a victim mentality to them?

Underlying this negativity are interesting theories that are usually not true.
Watch for certain themes you might be expressing. Some of us hear ourselves saying “it is just to hard to go to the gym,” or “I can’t stop eating sugar.”

The latest brain tool is the Mind Globe. You can take any snow globe, shake it up, and watch the snow gently fall to the bottom. Let the falling snow be your negative states or thoughts. As they settle gently on the bottom, your negativity disappears. Everything is impermanent. And the content of your mind disappears like ocean waves that come and go. You can also make your own Mind Globe by taking a mason jar, fill it with water, and sprinkle glitter into it. Then shake it and watch your mind shift into a calm state. Each time you use the Mind Globe you gracefully reinvent yourself with a few moments of profound change.

Remember, you must have positive experiences each day to deactivate the 1200 stress genes that turn on chronic illness. These positive moments strengthen new neural pathways that lead to peak performance. Changing your experience and behavior ultimately requires changes in your brain’s pattern of activity.


Bill and Carol are working on a new book for the public and hope to have the proposal finished soon.

They just returned from Italy where they taught and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi Coast. And there they were invited to teach in Denmark and Germany.

We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol and Bill

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