Jonathan Livingston Seagull? He yearned to learn more than his flock would allow and become all he could be. He discovered from his mentor that he was unlimited in what he could learn. His mentor told him, “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.”
When you take time to pause and look within, do you experience the same thing?
During this holiday season, many become aware of an inner yearning for connection to something deeper. While the parties and gift giving are fun, taking time for self-reflection is important. Not only examining what you are grateful for is timely, but really asking yourself if you are frustrated, irritable, and yearning for something more in life, just what is it?

Yearning might be a state of preparation for developing and exploring your higher consciousness, the deepest aspects of self. Some moments of asking, “what do I want now?” can be valuable. “Do I want more adventure, deeper relationships, better health, more time with family?” Can you really have a dream life for the most part?

When we quiet the mind and move to a deeper place inside, there is no yearning because there is fulfillment. And there is no striving for something else. There is just the deepest experience of your self. You are a gift to the world, and you don’t have to be any more.

But you may want to make adjustments in your everyday world. Some moments of reflection to assess what to do can be helpful. It can be as simple as focusing on your breath for 5 minutes, petting a cat, listening to Mozart, or focusing on the imaginary space between your eyes inside your head. When you shut off the internal running dialogue, the mind rests and renews.


Carol has been asked to write a chapter for a new hypnosis book on working with couples hypnotically.
Carol and Bill are also working on a new proposal for a book for the public that simplifies their ideas from Brain Change Therapy. The book focuses on several brain tools to shift mental states into the flow zone. There has been an explosion of new research from Russia that supports the idea again that humans have many more abilities that we ever thought like receiving information from the field of information that Elmer Green, father of biofeedback, so long ago discussed.

Watch for a new workshop in the near future on these amazing cutting edge ideas that can boost life to the next level.

Our best for a wonderful holiday.

Carol and Bill

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