January 2015 Newsletter

Each year we have the immense pleasure of teaching for Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This magical place is named for the Esselen Indian tribe who lived there dating back to 2600 BC. The Esselen people believed they were connected to everything, and all things were alive.—the rocks, universe, the ocean, and everything had power and energy. They gave everything a name based on how they perceived its energy. For these people, the physical world they could see and the spirit world they could sense were interconnected.

This Indian tribe was extremely spiritual. Some of their cave paintings show human figures passing through portals into a new dimension, perhaps representing transformation. They believed in allowing all members of the tribe to express their uniqueness, and they sustained the idea that each member held a piece of transformative truth. Holding a deep reverence for everything and everyone, they practiced rituals to promote unity and oneness.

Each time we are in this sacred space at Esalen, our consciousness is touched, changed, transformed, and we are given the gift of interacting with the community, the land, and the sea. Michael Murphy along with his colleague and friend Dick Price, began this amazing retreat and educational center, to explore the potential for extraordinary life. It becomes clear with each experience in this enchanted place that “we live only part of the life we are given,” as Michael Murphy said in The Future of the Body. We all limit our lives.

You have extraordinary abilities and potential. When you can calm the ego’s defenses, or the fears that emerge in experiences where you feel a loss of power and status, and you listen to the Source that is accessed from a deeper place inside, you always know what to do. The process involves observing what is happening, reflecting on it, going inside, and quietly listening for some intuition or understanding, then action becomes clear and can be performed in a state of flow. This is the act of working with a greater reality than yourself.

What is it we touch when we go inside? Certainly some deeper aspect of ourselves activates that we call the quantum self. But we interact with a greater field that is everywhere often referred to as the Source. The Source is that universal energy that is the creator, sustainer, guider and field of information that Elmer Green, father of biofeedback, described long ago.


Carol and Bill have been invited once again to teach their popular course, Life at the Edge of Possibility, for Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Ca. July 26-31, 2015. Watch for the link.

Bill has been asked to speak at the Jade Buddhist Temple. Watch for Spring dates TBA.
Both Carol and Bill are invited to the Erickson Congress in December 8-13 where they will be presenting The Possible Life: Hypnosis and the Whole Brain State

Our very best to each of you for a wonderful year.

Carol and Bill

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