Several years ago we traveled to England’s countryside and met a gentleman who showed us his rose garden. He was proud of its beauty, and it gave him immense pleasure to share this treasure with friends and surprise visits from people like us. The roses were some of the largest and richest in color we had seen. The attention he gave to each one reminded us of a kindly grandfather taking care of a grand child.     He took time with each rose and talked to it as if it were a living person. In doing so, his life was rich and joyful.

Attention is what gives life meaning and a range of emotions that color your experiences. How you pay attention can determine the quality of your very life. When you learn to increase the power of attention, it can create deeper relationships, develop less reactivity, more humor and satisfaction with each day.

But, attention is fragile and must be nurtured like a rose garden. We can ask if there are things we need to let go of in 2015 to be able to nurture ourselves better? Rather than being in pursuit of something, can we take time to pay attention to our inner spirit and nourish it? What would it be like for you to slow down to the best version of yourself?

To be more aware of your inner life, some time in mindfulness meditation or prayer slows the internal chatter so you can hear your higher self. Then you can experience more elevated emotions such as love, joy, gratitude for the simple things in life. This practice expands consciousness to the level of wisdom and understanding that all minds are connected and omnipresent. You have great capacities to be personally aware, to receive information about people you focus on, to fulfill your higher destiny.

Upcoming Events

Bill and Carol will be offering a once per month group experience in Consciousness Exploration with hypnosis, remote viewing, and mindfulness meditation. When you discover your innate capabilities, you will be astounded. Ceu’s will be available for clinicians. Watch for details.


We wish you a wonderful February!


Carol and Bill

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