John experienced a trauma at a young age when his parents divorced. At the time, he made an unconscious decision to never leave a woman even if she was cruel and demeaning. When he followed through on this decision, he gave his identity over to a woman who had not resolved her own pain from the family of origin and instead, chose to act it out through rejection, judgment, meanness, and cruel behavior. John’s energy continued to be lost to this woman, and until he reclaimed himself by making difficult decisions, life was unsatisfying. He realized over time, that he also participated in the negative behavior by slamming it back. Each of us has a driving purpose for being on the planet. It is what you do that transcends everything. And when you are clear about it, no amount of negativity, adversity, or drama in life can knock you off the path for good. And you discover there is really no need for drama at all. Personal power is only available to you when it comes out of the center of yourself. The homing thought is greater than a goal. When you begin to explore some of the possibilities, write them down and notice if there is a theme. This is the guiding north star in your life. It may be a connection you feel greater than yourself to a universal spirit. While the connection will go through different developmental processes and evolve over time, it is your rock, your center. Once you find it, think about something stressful and notice how it does not knock you down. For example, one homing thought is being healthy and this guides diet, exercise, activities, etc. without you really thinking about it too much. Or another homing thought is in this time of my life, how do I want to best express the gifts that have been given me. If at some point in life you were at a fork in the road and took the path away from your homing thought, you will be in a constant state of stress. When you ask yourself, “what gives meaning to my life”? and “when do I feel most energized?” then you come back to yourself. When you are directed by love, gratitude, and appreciation, you are on track with your highest self.

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Carol and Bill will be offering a course on Consciousness Exploration and Training: The Science of Personal Change over the course of 6 months on selected Fridays 11-1pm. Through examining your astounding abilities to center yourself, overcome limiting beliefs, and go deeper into exploring your higher self, you will discover how to calm the mind wherever you are, and how to eliminate emotional stress, worry, fear, doubt, and lack of confidence. Join them as they bring some of the material from their popular course taught at Esalen which includes accessing the power of intention, remote viewing, and self hypnosis to accomplish personal goals. You will have the opportunity to set your personal learning agenda for the 6 months. Dates: 4-24, 5-5, 6-19, 7-10, 8-21, and 9-18 Fee: $600 for entire course payable in monthly installments Place: 3400 Bissonnet Suite 267 Call for reserving your space with $100 deposit-713 529-4588 Join Carol and Bill July 26-31 at Esalen: Life at the Edge of Possibility

Carol and Bill

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