Jose Silva was a man who had little formal education but was fascinated with the power of the human mind. He studied hypnosis, psychology, and parapsychology and discovered his own ability at extrasensory perception was quite good. He could pick up information while in deep states of mind that would guide him in business and personal matters. Later he developed training courses that became world wide education on mind expansion. While his ideas might be considered primitive today, the neuroscience research suggest he was on the right track when it came to remote viewing and activating the healing response.

Years later research on the placebo response found that when people believed they were getting a medical intervention, they miraculously overcame health challenges. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is suggesting a person can indeed have a placebo response even when they’re unaware of any suggestion of improvement or anticipation of getting worse. Researchers discovered that the unconscious mind plays an important role in people getting better. So if you believe in the placebo response and say take a supplement for a cold, even if you don’t consciously believe it will help, it actually activates the placebo response. You can trigger your own healing response. The power of the placebo effect is illustrated in the movie classic, The Wizard Of Oz.  The wizard didn’t actually give the scarecrow a brain, the tin man a heart, and the lion courage, but they all felt better anyway because they believed it to be true. Now we know, even if they didn’t believe, they would have increased intelligence, empathy and love, and courage without doing anything.

Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill are offering a new course that goes beyond Silva Mind Training: Consciousness Exploration and Training: The Science of Personal Change one Friday per month 11-1pm beginning April 24 for 6 sessions. Space is limited so call to reserve your place: 713 529-4588. We will be exploring your abilities to calm the mind in any situation, use remote viewing, pick up information through your 6th sense, and overcome limiting beliefs.

Carol and Bill have been contacted by a major publisher to do a self-help book based on their professional book.

July 26-31 they will be offering their popular Esalen course: Life at the Edge of Possibility

Have a wonderful April.


Carol and Bill

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