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Barbara was so desperate for connection that she kept having the same experience. She would meet someone, hold high hopes for that person, and then feel extremely disappointed when something happened that didn’t fit her model for feeling great satisfaction. Research in neuroscience tells us that experiences we have with caregivers become hard-wired into our brain. By the time we are 3 years old, patterns of emotional understanding and empathy are established.

Barbara didn’t realize that her parents modeled anxious and insecure attachment so that it was difficult for her to soothe herself when alone and to truly connect with another without feeling anxiety and disengaging. Her model and systems for living demanded immediate change without effort. She became disappointed and angry with most new potential partners. Her unconscious expectations once again led to her unconscious and expected outcome.

You were to designed to unlock hidden possibilities. But the next mental state you allow yourself to enter and the behaviors you express will either repeat the past or open into a new future. We teach the concept of positive hypnosis that can help you change how the past is activated in the present. You can change the attachment style you learned in your family by becoming aware of it first. Then, notice your internal movies when around another person. They will be habitual and patterned. Barbara became aware that her disappointment was preceded by fears of being left or controlled by another. Her pattern was to emotionally leave before someone could leave her. Her experience was that others left her.

Where you focus your attention and how you focus can create amazing change. This is the simple explanation for hypnosis. The magic of the right focused attention can change the way your brain functions so that stressful events don’t get in. You can start developing more awareness about your own inner dynamics. Experimenting with accessing your curiosity about what is possible and staying with something or someone for a longer period of time, can result in a more positive outcome, particularly if you can honestly share feelings and disappointments and understand your part in the problem. Sometimes the results occur in a brief amount of time, and sometimes it takes longer to notice a change. You must recondition the mind to have a different experience in your reality. The effort in learning how to use your mind really pays off. You can create a New Destiny.


Upcoming Events

Bill and Carol will be presenting at the 12th International Erickson Congress December 9-14, 2015 in Phoenix on SUPER MIND: Accessing the Neuro-Flow State for Achieving the Optimal Self and several panel discussions.

Carol’s book, The Couple’s Hypnotic Dance, is available in kindle format now on Amazon.

Bill and Carol continue to work on their new book.

Have a great rest of the summer.

Carol and Bill

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