November Newsletter

Can you create the future you want?

Milton Erickson was an amazing clinician who developed a unique therapeutic approach that was amazingly effective. From working on his family farm, he learned a respect for life. He encouraged people’s best decisions, and interrupted negative habitual patterns. We have a poster of Erickson on our office wall with the quote, “whatever you can imagine, you can master.” This was his life philosophy that has influenced us so much. When great people cross your path, it makes you look at your own life and your beliefs about what is possible. Erickson discovered that novel experiences create new learning to open the mind toward the possibility of personal success. When you are on the right path, you feel alive, develop certainty about what to do, and can still be responsible to your family, life partner, and business colleagues. If, however, you feel yourself being critical of others and fighting with them internally or having intense reactions, you may need to look at what is really promoting that response. It may be that you are unhappy with yourself. Your mind hates uncertainty and fear. When you look at your future, you want to know that you can create what you want. First begin with clarity of purpose and develop a workable plan to get there. It is so easy to lose connection with yourself about what lights up your life and to feel like you’re walking through molasses or living other people’s lives instead of yours. If you’re up against a roadblock, it may only mean that the system you’re using isn’t the right one.

To keep moving forward, you must know how to make the best decisions possible. There are several strategies to follow. One approach is to realize that no decision is ever carved in stone. If need be, if things aren’t working, you can always change your mind. Most decisions are really about how to live in the your most comfortable mental state. So, you must identify that first. Then ask how will your decision for change set you up to achieve more of your “target” state? The decision might entail moving to a new city, getting a new job, or starting a new business. Once you complete this personal assessment and you have the plan, take the first step and see what happens.

New Plans for us:

We will be closing our clinical practice in December to focus on writing and teaching workshops. We will be available for skype-type consultations ( after the first of the year so please call us to set that up over the next few weeks. Carol: 713 703-8782 or Bill: 832-545-4833.

Upcoming Activites:

We will be teaching at the next 12th International Erickson Congress -Dec. 9-14, 2015. Our courses will focus on cutting edge discoveries in neuroscience and tools for brain change and how to achieve the optimal mind. See

Watch for our new online Ericksonian course on Anxiety to be announced.

Our new course April 22-23, 2016 in Houston will focus on Mind/Body Healing and strategies to stimulate the placebo response. Dr. Roxanna-Erickson Klein will join us for a fascinating two days on the latest practical information and tools to help people heal mind/body issues.

Have a great November and Happy Thanksgiving.

Carol and Bill

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