Freud made enormous contributions to our way of thinking about the mind. He borrowed from 19th century Newtonian physics, which held that humans are mechanical and called his process “psychodynamics”. These principles included laws that governed energy and entropy. Freud focused on helping people explore their internal conflicts and early attachments. He believed that by developing insight, people could change their behavior.

Today with the advent of the new physics that evolved from quantum science and research from brain imaging and advances in neuroscience, we have a different understanding of how to enhance motivation to accomplish goals and develop a calmer internal world. While early attachment styles are important to understand, now we know that your mental state is crucial to your emotions and behavior. By changing the way you pay attention to your world, and managing your environment to support the change you want to make, you can change anything. We learn attention habits and practice a narrow focus where the only thing we notice is anxious thinking, or we practice an open focus where we take in other information or focus outside the mind. When you develop flexibility of focus, you feel happier and calmer for longer periods of time. And your thinking changes dramatically.

But if you continue to practice the same mental habits every day, you maintain the same person you think you are. When you direct your attention to what you can become by interrupting old habits of thinking and focusing, you move into immense possibilities for your future. This won’t happen through medication or by accident. It takes mental training by using neurofeedback or intense meditation, exercise, or some mental practice.

How about this experiment: Try to have a worry thought while you focus on the imaginary space between your ears. It’s impossible!


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Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be presenting at the International Ericksonian Congress in Phoenix December 11-13., 2015

After the first of the year, we will be offering a new online course through Ryan Nagy on Hypnotic Brain Change for Anxiety.

April 22-23, 2016 we will be offering a NEW workshop on mind/body healing based in the latest research. Joining us will be Dr. Roxanna Erickson-Klein, one of Dr. Milton Erickson’s daughters.

We will be closing our clinical practice December 17 to focus on writing and teaching workshops. We are planning our 2016 calendar now so if you are interested in us doing workshops for you, please contact us soon at 713-529-4588 or 713-703-8782 or 832-545-4833


Carol and Bill

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