How To Manage Your Anxiety

When you worry and ruminate you begin to raise levels of arousal or excitement and turn on the sympathetic nervous system. While the best mental state is to return to calm, sometimes that is too difficult. You can’t move from one intense emotion to its opposite without a bridge of some sort like a calming ritual. If you are getting ready to give a talk or sing in public, the better strategy is to tell yourself, “ I am excited,” or tell yourself to “get excited” and use it as an incantation. In her research, Alison Wood Brooks of Harvard Business School, found that when you allow the nervous energy of a situation to flow through you, call it something more positive, and stop trying to control it, you have the ability to manage it better. Excitement and anxiety are close physiologically and are both experienced as high arousal. This strategy is not trying to persuade yourself that things are easy. It is possible to change the feeling from a “threat” mindset to a challenge mindset.

The worry mind is often triggered by novel and uncomfortable situations. It’s always a good strategy to inform yourself about the details of an upcoming event that makes you worry. If you can go to the place where it will be held and become familiar with the surroundings so there are few surprises, you keep your worry at bay.


Carol and Bill are planning their next phase where they will be teaching and writing. April 22-23, 2016 in Houston will see a new course with Dr. Roxanna Erickson-Klein called Mind/Body Hypnosis and Healing. The newest information on the power of placebo and how to trigger this response will be discussed along with new tools and strategies for pain management and how to develop a challenge mindset rather than a threat perspective. We have discovered new strategies, based in neuroscience, that can make you braver, stronger, happier, and more resilient. Watch for details!!

In June Carol and Bill will be in Los Angeles 13-15 teaching Doing Hypnosis: Interventions to Immediately Transform Clients with Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Addiction, and Obesity. June 17-19 in Los Angeles we will be teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians. Watch for details!!

If you need to reach Carol call 713 703-8782 and Bill at 832-545-4833


Carol and Bill

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