Go with the Flow

The body’s self-healing mechanism is remarkable. While we are often living in pollution and high levels of stress, there appears a remarkable state of mind that has 150 years of research behind it that shows the body/mind can overcome amazing things. This is the state of Flow or being in the zone.

It turns out that learning how to deliberately trigger your own flow states turns on the placebo or self-healing response. Flow cause inflammation to decrease, worry and rumination to dissolve, and healing often follows.

What keeps flow down are chronic tensions, poor diet, lack of exercise, and stuck states of limiting beliefs about what is possible. Everyone has had those experiences of states of excellence you were so focused and lost in the moment of extreme unity that time stood still. By remembering the state you can re-experience it.

Upcoming Activities:

Join Bill and Carol along with Roxanna Erickson Klein Aprill 22-23, 2016, in Houston for the New course: Unleash the Power of Placebo: Mind/Body Healing and Hypnosis to learn the latest skills in triggering the placebo response. The course will run 9:00 am to 4:30. 12 ceu’s for psychologists, LPC’s, and LMFT’s are available nationwide. Click here to register today. Call for further information: 713-703-8782.

In June Carol and Bill will be teaching in the L.A. area Doing Hypnosis and Neuroscience for Clinicians. Register at Pesi.com

All our best to a great March.

Carol and Bill

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