A successful science writer, Stephen Kottler, developed lyme disease. It was debilitating. He couldn’t get out of bed from terrible weakness and after all available drugs were tried that failed, he didn’t know what to do. Then his friends literally dragged him to the ocean and put him on a surf board. He only spent a few minutes floating but came back feeling high from the experience. As he did the same thing many times, his energy returned, and his body cured the illness. Stephen miraculously found the state of Flow led to his healing.

The leading edge of neuroscience research is showing remarkable strides in examining the state of flow. Flow is a state of complete focus, mental clarity and instinctive action. The characteristics of Flow are: the sensation of being outside normal reality; the feeling of timelessness; the sense that you are part of something larger; the absence of physical pain; and the experience of ecstasy.

Flow activates resilience. When you allow yourself to enter the state of flow, which is a fragile state at best, it balances the nervous system, releases neurochemicals such as anandamide, oxytocin, endorphins, and norepinephrine. Your ability to recover from disappointment and pain is enhanced as well as your mental outlook is enhanced.

Clinical hypnosis can stimulate the flow state as well as meditation. Flow is a transpersonal state that often activates the healing response or what some call the placebo effect. You have remarkable abilities to overcome many issues. So, go with the Flow


Upcoming Activities

Carol and Bill will be offering their new course Unleash the Power of Placebo: Mind/Body Healing and Hypnosis with Roxanna Erickson-Klein
April 22-23, 2016
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In June, Carol and Bill will be in L.A. to teach two courses: Doing Hypnosis and Neuroscience for Clinicians For all of the dates we will be in California, go to our page on the Pesi website and click on the seminars tab.



WorryFreeMindCoverCarol and Bill just received a book contract and will publish The Worry-Free Mind in February of 2017. It discusses the latest neuroscience tools for overcoming your worst Stephen King Movies of the mind. Watch for more information to help make this a best-seller.


All our best,

Carol and Bill

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