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With all of the Super Hero movies making their way into the theaters, you have the opportunity to consider which is your favorite. Think about the particular qualities of that hero. Superman and Supergirl are from another planet, and we could think of them as immigrants who had to figure out how to live in a new world. What qualities do they have that you want? Mental flexibility, learning how to both fit in and be leaders? Batman doesn’t really have super powers, but he has amazing tenacity. What he sets his mind to, he accomplishes. Wonder Woman carries advanced technology such as the Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone it captures to tell the truth. She also carries indestructible bracelets that she uses to deflect weapon fire and to create a force field for protection. Who wouldn’t want those abilities? So try this experiment. How about going through your day as one of your favorite superheros and see what you accomplish.

Your story about yourself will completely change when you live in the essence of your super hero. And you learn that what doesn’t exist now can exist in the future. The experience can increase your sense of certainty and belief in yourself to create the life you want.

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Carol and Bill will be teaching: Doing Hypnosis in Woburn, Waltham, and Dedham, Massachusetts. Sign up at at

We are just finishing our book: The Worry Free Mind: Train Your Brain, Calm the Stress Spin Cycle, and Discover a Happier, More Productive You. This book introduces your brain’s superpowers that have been discovered by neuroscience and how to harness them to have the best life possible, The Worry-Free Mind is on Amazon for pre-order.


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