What shapes your reality? Your conscious and unconscious beliefs. Based on your internal states of mind, you can shift even unconscious beliefs. Those show up as the same obstacles that keep you from achieving a goal. But it is important to understand what reality you wish to create. Perhaps you never questioned what you think or believe.

Once you begin to actively wonder about what could be better, you start to upgrade the mind. The next step is to train your attention through what we might call “neuro-upgrading.” You can make your brain work better. Our life experience is the complex interaction of psychology and physiology. To upgrade your personal evolutionary system and balance your neurology, you must engage some mental practice. Try this neuro-flow exercise to optimize focus and access an inspired and hyper-creative state: Do the following:

  1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale, and focus on the area called the “third” eye for one minute. 
  2. Open your eyes and focus on one spot for one minute. 
  3. Now with eyes open, defocus to see a bigger picture like the ocean, a picture of a mountain range, or just your room.

You have just harnessed your own neuroplasticity and health through creating a fast state of flow.
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Carol and Bill will be in Connecticut and Rhode Island Sept 14, 15, and 16 to teach Neuroscience for Clinicians. See

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Carol and Bill

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