How do you manage the uncertainty of the future? Most people use strategies of either being too rigid to feel like they control outcomes or strategies to calm chaos as in substance abuse or shopping to handle anxiety and worry. Neither really does the trick. Maintaining rigid rules leads to an inflexible life and more discomfort. Calming your chaos with too much alcohol makes you more anxious. The brain loses its ability to create Alpha, the natural relaxation brain frequency. And no amount of shopping can lead to steady calm.

In order to connect with your inner compass, you must change the internal state of chaos or rigidity and stop running your story. How do you do that? Realize that you are telling yourself stories all of the time about you and others. They may not be true but are projections of your own mind. Secondly, you can feel secure in the midst of uncertainty. Listen to the song, “Okay” by The Piano Guys. Then engage in some form of mental training to calm the mind. Count your exhalations slowly until you reach seven and then begin again. Your mind will chatter. Then you will notice the silence between thoughts.

Upcoming Activities:
Carol and Bill will be in Lancaster Oct 6-7 speaking on Brain Change Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression sponsored by JK Seminars.
October 27-28 Pesi hosts Bill and Carol for a 2-Day: Hypnosis 2Day Intensive Certificate Workshop: Applying Clinical Hypnosis with Psychological Treatments in Parsippany, N.J. See Pesi.com

We are in the editing stage of our new book: The Worry-Free Mind it is available for preorder  on Amazon.

Have a wonderful October.


Carol and Bill

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