November Newsletter


Jack suffered greatly around feeling disappointed in his life. He searched for the latest therapist, teacher, seminar, or book that would fill in the life gaps that he could access to comfort himself and deal with the deeper disappointment of not achieving his goals. But, he complained that he wasn’t getting what he deserved with regard to opportunities, money, and kudos. What he didn’t understand was that a goal worthy of your time and effort are often difficult, complex, and time consuming.

For most of us the issue isn’t whether we can accomplish something, but do we want to spend the time and effort to do what is necessary. The answer cannot be fully known until you begin to try. There is no shame in starting something and then deciding that you don’t want it that badly. There is no shame in asking for help. Few people get to where they want to go without assistance from coaching, information, or training. The help you need won’t come in easy formulas or platitudes but finding a mentor who will help you look into yourself, develop insight into who you are and what you want, and do the slow and hard work of developing the skills needed to accomplish that goal. When you identify what is really satisfying, then you can create a workable plan of action to get there. Your brain loves action plans and action steps that you formulate and learning the skills needed to reach the goals that are really right for you.

Power Thought: Ask yourself in a situation where you feel disappointed, “what do I need to focus on or do —-or remember or believe”===and your unconscious mind knows the answer. This takes 100% responsibility for your life and you will feel empowered.

Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be in Hartford, Connecticut December 1-2 , 2016 to teach the 2-Day Hypnosis Intensive Certificate Workshop sponsored by Pesi. See

Carol and Bill just finished editing The Worry-Free Mind and look forward to its publication the middle of January.Preorder  on Amazon.

Have a wonderful November.


Carol and Bill

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