December Newsletter


As the year draws to an end, all of us begin to look toward what we want to accomplish in the next year. What if you could reach your next year goals in less than half the time? Can you actually bend reality to create 10x your results? Those peak performers in life use successful strategies to make this happen.

One of the most powerful strategies is to be future-compelled rather than past-driven. This means that you locate the motivation and fascination inside yourself that has always been there about something for which you have passion. This is an intense curiosity that stays with you throughout your life. For us, we are passionate about helping people utilize their own neurology and biology to make the lasting changes they desire. The more that neuroscience research emerges toward this end, the more we can follow our hearts and accomplish this goal with our consulting, writing, and teaching.

To that end, you may want to rid yourself of 10 things that don’t move you toward your future and drain energy and only do those things that will build energy. If you ask yourself why you want to discard something, the process allows you to create yourself (future-compelled) rather than discover who you are (past-driven). But remember, every person struggles to accomplish the creating. Then you can find the habits and patterns to use every day to move toward the future you want.

Power Thought: Take vitamin D every day for serotonin regulation and put in your mind images and thoughts that de-stress or what comes out of your mouth will be stressors for your friends and family.

Upcoming Events:

Bill and Carol will be teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians January 18, 2017 in Tucson where we will focus on practical uses to create strategic change. January 19 –Scottsdale and January 20 –Phoenix. See

The Worry-Free Mind comes out January 23. Please pre-order from Amazon. Preorder  on Amazon.

Carol and Bill are available to schedule workshops. Just call Carol at 713-703-8782 and Bill at 832-545-4833.

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