We all have experiences that suddenly surprise us and create life shocks. These can be illness,

destructive storms, being passed over for promotion, or being rejected socially. The same part

of the brain that registers physical pain is stimulated when any of these emotional stresses

occur. So how do you cope and get back on your life path with motivation and creative energy?

All of these negative surprises can trigger our worst Stephen King Horror Movies of the Mind.

What are yours? Then we must go about calming the mind and changing the mental state. As

we teach in our seminars and writings, the problem isn’t really what you think the problem is.

It is the mental state you must shift. To shut off the negative chatter, a meditation based in

Yogic Philosophy and researched in neuroscience suggests you do the following.

1. Close your eyes

2. Focus attention on your forehead; then the temporal area, then sides of the head.

3. Next focus on the back of the head, and imagine moving attention up the brain stem to

the middle brain.

4. Say the word, Ah as you exhale for 3 minutes.

5. Notice how you begin to feel calmer.

The practice of calming the mind serves to be your Stress Thought Inhibitor. You may want to

do this exercise several times a day.


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Have a wonderful April.


Love Carol and Bill

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