The unconscious mind is an amazing resource that recorded every experience and learning you have ever had. All of these experiences normally move into long-term memory and become resources to use in problem-solving. How does that work? Each time you need to access confidence, think of a previous accomplishment when you felt enormous power and confidence. As you review the memory and move into the same state you were in during the goal achievement, you take that same mental state into the next challenge. It is the mental state where patterns of excellence are connected. We all have had experiences of accomplishment some time in life, and these can be utilized for future endeavors. This is You.2 which you may never have known about.

In order to access these memories it is helpful to move into a trance state which is a state of focused attention that uses memory and imagination. The power of the unconscious mind to develop amazing solutions to problems comes from shifting your state to deep calm. Once you ask yourself a question about how to solve some dilemma and shift into deep calm, you open the portal to your unconscious wisdom. The unconscious goes on an internal search to find not just one solution but many. This amazing power is within you and is your personal Harry Potter magic of the mind.

Most people have no idea what they can do until they really learn how the mind and brain work. Your innate abilities for profound awareness, limitless problem-solving, financial increase, and creative idea development reside within. There are many strategies to access this power. One is to just count yourself down slowly from 10-0 and relax deeply as each number become smaller. After you have asked your deeper mind a question, then wait expectantly for an answer to emerge then or later.

Another strategy is to drum on a table for two minutes until you enter a state of flow or the zone. Then take a deep breath and ask the unconscious for a solution to a particular challenge.

Those of you who have taken any of our hypnosis or brain change courses have experienced this ability that you have. When you understand this capacity, you learn that negative thoughts are unnecessary. If you haven’t been to one of our trainings, notice some new opportunities below.

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