Do you find yourself having repetitive patterns in life where you keep choosing a direction that blocks you from your goals? Opening into new possibilities in everyday life, work, and relationships comes from changing long-standing inhibiting patterns.

So often we are triggered into self-defeating patterns where the same old responses lead us to miserable mental states. Perhaps we feel belittled, angry, misunderstood, and we take actions or no action that lead to worse feelings.

We all have these patterns and challenges to overcome that are not easy. What can we do to break free from limiting patterns? A powerful brain change tool is to become aware of how you might be identifying with your perspective of the main character in your story to whom bad things have happened. Then make a shift to the observer position where you see yourself from a distance and the event that occurred as if it were a movie. This shift in perspective gives you more distance from the emotional charge, and allows you to respond differently. It is your position of power. This observer position is dis-identified with what happens. When your mental state is calm, your awareness expands, and you see many creative solutions that were previously blocked to you.

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We are working on the exciting course for Mexico called The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship where we teach our Worry-Free Mind System to enhance your business and increase your finances. Contact Francisco at

Bill and Carol will be teaching a new course on Hypnosis for Trauma Resolution and Thriving for in December in Dedham Mass. Let us know if you are interested in the course in your area by sending us an email to

Pick up our new book The Worry-Free Mind if you haven’t read it yet.

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Carol and Bill

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