Everyone who runs any kind of business is a creative entrepreneur. Whether you are a therapist, a small business owner, or you sell products online, there are times when you worry about being successful.

The truth is that you have been given amazing powers. The ability to control your thoughts, your physiology like breathing, blood pressure, and temperature is really only the beginning. When you manage the contents of your mind, you can accomplish amazing things. You can be more productive, manage what you think, and what you do.

If you have feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or fears that you can’t accomplish something, start changing the mind movies you are running and create ones that are inspiring, motivating, and compelling. When you create a compelling future to move toward, the brain begins to fire neurochemicals of serotonin and dopamine. These are the pleasure chemicals that accompany goal achievement.

The nervous system works in a particular way. You feel emotions either from the top of the head down, from the stomach upwardly, or somewhere in the body. Notice how you experience yours and imagine moving them around in a counter clockwise fashion or think about spinning them clockwise up and out of the body. When you play with sensations, you can change them. Then remember a time you were in a state of flow. Perhaps you were in nature, or around water, or just enjoying a good book. As you accomplish this state change, you change your inner movies. And then, you change the present and the future.

The curious thing is as you feel calmer, often your finances improve and your happiness increases.

Upcoming Activities:

Bill and Carol are working on a promo video for the new course: The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship which they will be teaching in Monterrey, Mexico. It focuses on cutting edge neuroscience research to shift your mindset toward abundance, create personal success by strategic thinking, eliminate blocks, and access your personal superpowers. Some of the topics we cover will include the one thing completely in your control to have more money, freedom, joy, and success; what decisions you need to make to break through your income ceiling; how the problem with your business or life is probably not what you think; how to brand your business with the brain in mind; and how to keep your business in the minds of people who would benefit from it, plus many more. We will let you know when the dates are set. If you are interested contact Francisco Martinez:fme@direx.mx

October, November we will be in Virginia and Massachusetts teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians and then in December and January we launch our new course: Hypnosis for Trauma Resolution and Resilience in Michigan and Illinois through Pesi. Watch for more specifics.

Keep Having a Great Summer


Carol and Bill

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