September 2017 Newsletter


We make everyday decisions based on what we think we can accomplish.  Most of us were reared with the idea that we are victims of nature, our health, our genetics, and overall our biology.  The truth is that what was seen as mystical in the past, we have discovered are real abilities.  There is a reluctance for science to reveal to the masses what is being discovered.

The newest science based on peer-reviewed journals has discovered that we have enormous capacity to trigger resilience on demand, healing, self-regulate our brain and nervous systems, our biology, overcome fear and adversity, and have enormous intuition.

THIS MEANS YOU ARE WIRED TO BE EXTRAORDINARY. And when you learn about these abilities you discover that you can be successful in life and in business.  You have amazing inner tools to create solutions to problems and live in states of thriving.


As seen by the enormous outpouring of kindness and cooperation in Houston following the destruction of Harvey, we also have amazing capacities for kindness and love. It is so important to learn about those abilities in yourself.


Upcoming Activities:

Bill and Carol will be in Virginia (Charlottesville, Richmond, and Norfolk) October 9, 10, 11 teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians.  This is a practical approach to teaching about human abilities.  See


We continue to prepare for The Inner Game of Entrpreneurship to be held in Monterrey (TBA) and look forward to teaching how to overcome any obstacle in business and tap your amazing abilities.

Keep Having a Great Summer

Carol and Bill

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