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In our over 30 years of research and practice in clinical hypnosis, entrepreneur and leadership training, and mind/body medicine, and from 21st century science, we discovered that we are designed to live extraordinary lives with human powers that include healing from illness, longevity, overcoming adversity, and amazing flash- intuition to solve problems and build projects to transform lives. The new science gives us consciousness-shifting tools that we can apply to our relationships, our vocation, finances, and health. In fact, we have enormous potential, and science is finally catching up to some of the oldest Eastern and shamanic traditions about what is possible. So what are some of our extraordinary powers?

Based in the best rigorous scientific experiments, we discover that we can sense the future before it occurs, experience powerful states of super-consciousness, create emotional and physical healing through the practice of deep states of mind, and learn to use these states for personal and business relationships to make the best decisions. You have the ability to discern synchronistic events that may act as an oracle to guide your decisions.

When we join a group of other like-minded people and meditate on love, compassion, and empathy, the group-focused intention grows more robust plants, facilitates human healing, and reduces crime and violence. William Braud, psychologist, found in his work with the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, that human thought could affect the autonomic nervous system. One of his astounding experiments, however, occurred when he had volunteers give some blood. Each participant’s vial of blood was divided into two different test tubes. One test tube received “healing thoughts” and the other did not. Blood decays at a certain rate. But in this case, the test tubes that “received” the healing thoughts decayed twice as slow as normal. Our thoughts are really powerful.

Remote viewers around the planet, those who have been trained to focus on a person, place, or thing, and can pick up information about the object of attention, reveals another human ability. It turns out consciousness is nonlocal and exists outside of time and space.

How does this help in living everyday lives? To really embrace the idea that your mind can influence your health, your finances, business, relationships and quality of life, you discover you are not a victim of life; that you have amazing powers. During adversity, it is difficult to remember your power. But a key is taking time at the end of your day to process your life and realize that you have been driving the car of your life to this destination. But the good news is that you can take a new direction. Ask yourself if you have been driving consciously or unconsciously. What do you feel the most passionate about? The answer will point out your unique purpose and driver.

When your mind is relaxed and quiet, you have the ability to focus on clarity, self-compassion, and thoughts of possibility. With practice, you can live in positive states of mind that lead to a happy life and billion dollar ideas. Try it for a week and watch for the rewards that may show up in serendipity.

Upcoming Activities:


Bill and Carol will be in Michigan teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians where they will be teaching practical skills by using the amazing powers of the brain November 1,2, and 3.

December and January will offer a new 2- day course on Hypnosis with Trauma and demonstrate how to use EEG Hypnosis utilizing a star-trek device that can show the client and clinician which mental state a client is activating. They will be in Dedham, Mass. December 7-8 and Bloomington, MN Jan. 18-19, 2018. See Pesi.

We have had a number of people inquire about our course, The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship, and this is in the planning stages. We share how your super powers activate when you know how to flip the switch to increase both business, satisfaction, and learn how to see around the edge of time. If you have interest in this course being offered in the states or online, let us know.

Thanks for being in our community. May you be living the life you want.


Carol and Bill

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