We had a wonderful time visiting Bill’s brother and wife on their new farm which dates back to the 1700’s and has the ambiance of Hogwarts, the British school of magic from Harry Potter fame. Meeting us at their pen were four hens who all had a lot to say. The other charming characters we encountered included three cats, Kevin, a huge orange tabby, Phoebe, a demur and mystical creature, Oscar, a playful and funny animal, and a dog, Otis who could run faster than anyone could keep up with him. All of them were excited to see the 1900’s restored train slowly chug across their field to pick up Santa. He would take a ride down the track meeting many excited children all hoping to catch his ear for Christmas goodies.

We did wonder if all of this fascinating menagerie met in the middle of the night to conjure up wonderful magic to teach all of their visitors throughout the years about themselves. — That we really are more than we think. Maybe they communed under the moon and devised a potion to release the courage found in each person to face their fears and their triumphs.

It is the time of year for enchantment, fantasy, and taking your mind away from worries and concerns. A little break now can lead to a big breakthrough later as we begin to close the old year and look forward to the new one. And it’s a good time for reflection about what areas of your life you want to make better and areas you feel proud about. The good news is that you don’t need anything else but yourself to decide what to make different. You have everything you need inside yourself. You have all of the motivation you need; you just have to switch it on. The only problem sometimes is we buy into the limitations we think we have. The part of you who feels sorry for yourself or a victim to life keeps you boxed in. In what area do you need mastery? Change is a matter of motivation and drive and getting leverage with yourself. There are things you do everyday because you are motivated to accomplish them. What are your drivers? Is it your desire to contribute, to stand out, to fit in, or to heal old wounds, or your desire to overcome imperfections? Figure out what gets you up in the morning and use that energy in an area that is more difficult. If you get out of bed to go to work because you need to make a living, you don’t debate whether you will go to work. You just do it. If getting up includes something you love doing, you will enjoy it more, and your engine hums along.

Upcoming Activities:

We are offering an online course on getting leverage with yourself to master areas you haven’t yet called Super Mind. Until the end of 2017 it is $165 –Normally $250. Call 713 703-8782 to sign up and receive a bonus— Brain Changers: 21 Day Program to Your Optimal Self ($147 value) Second Bonus: The Worry-Free Mind. This course is only available through December.

Bill and Carol will be teaching in the Boston area a new course on Hypnosis and Trauma in December.

Pick up our new book The Worry-Free Mind for the Holidays.

To your best holiday ever.


Carol and Bill

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