Neuro resilience practices that are based on the latest neuroscience findings, guide us to build mental robustness. Whether it’s managing stress or improving potential, evidence-based practices put your mind and body into a sustainably improved performance state. You can expect to be thinking more clearly and creatively, have a longer attention span, better problem solving, increased productivity and remain calm and relaxed more often.


When you engage in flow states intentionally, your resilience builds exponentially. Depression, sadness, grief, all disappear in flow.  Experiencing more freedom comes from a state of non-thinking and allowing the brain to rest in the best zone. Victor Frankel, who lived in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII, demonstrated how to choose a higher state of consciousness under extreme stress.  Become a better navigator of mind through changing your focus.  The key is to use state-shift through meditation or focusing outside yourself.


Try This:  Take a walk in your neighborhood and focus on nature and become aware of the outside energy.  Your control of focus leads to a better quality of life.  Have a goal and a feedback loop that lets you know the quality of the flow state.  For example, notice as you focus outside yourself, how the mind becomes absorbed in the activity.  Become mindful of your own behavior.  Slow yourself down and enjoy the elements of experience.  When you eat mindfully, walk mindfully, breathe mindfully, you turn on the parasympathetic system and activate relaxation.  Become aware of the body, of the heart beating, and focus on one small aspect of movement.  Engage in deep conversation or do something generous toward someone else.  You will be practicing an amazing state of mind.

Upcoming Activities:

February 26, 27, 28  Bill and Carol will be in Tulsa, Okla City, and Dallas teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians.  Join us there. See Pesi.


All our best for a wonderful February!

Carol and Bill

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