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We live in exciting times! Now we know so much more about the brain and body/mind and how to get our personal vehicle to run better. The Endocannabinoid System has recently been discovered, and it is found to be our center of healing illness, increasing sleep quality, and creating the best mental states possible. This system helps create the state of flow that releases the healing neuropeptide, anandamide, a Sanskrit word for bliss; very close to the chemical structure of marijuana. Think about what state you would prefer to live in more frequently and when you are actually experiencing it. You are probably close to flow.

Through our teaching and writing, Bill and I focus on bringing the revolution in psychology, mind/body research, and neuroscience to more people. Science has discovered what the ancients knew a long time ago, that we have amazing abilities to create an optimal life by practicing elevated states of flow, self-compassion, generosity, and gratitude. We are committed to helping change lives, live your intention, and transform communities. We demonstrate the practical application of the latest tools to overcome worry, anxiety, PTSD, and stress for therapists and clients who work with these issues and reveal the secret behind living in states of resilient thriving for longer periods of time.

One of the discoveries about the body/mind is the deep state right above sleep that resides in the theta/delta frequency range. This is your inner sanctuary well below any concern, problem anxiety, depression, sadness, disappointment or any other angst.

It is here that your pure mind resides without the constant chatter of “I am not enough” running in the background of everything you do. It is the place of immense self-compassion and amazing intuition.

Do you believe that your inner guidance has superior knowledge and wisdom to guide you to fulfill your desires?

Are you repeating undesired patterns in your career, love, health, money or in your quest for self-awareness?

The good news is that you can access incredible intuition and self-compassion by moving down to this state right above sleep and hovering there for 10-20 minutes. Those of you who have come to our workshops and have personally experienced this were astounded at your ability to access your unconscious mind’s deep wisdom. Some comments to the deep state have been, “amazing,” “I didn’t know I had any self-compassion,” “my mind felt so quiet.” And then later people expressed having solutions to problems come to them and a lighter feeling daily. The experience is quite profound. Not only are tools available to therapists but for themselves to really transform their own lives.

It is from this state that you can acquire creative ideas for work or relationships. Synchronistic events begin to occur frequently. And the wonderful news is that you change your relationship to yourself so old patterns are interrupted and you start living more of the life you want.


Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be in Monterrey Mexico teaching The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship and in May.

Palo Alto California June 19-20 and Sacramento June 21-22 teaching Hypnosis and Trauma for Pesi.  Join us for mind-bending experiences and tools that really work.

Get a copy of The Worry-Free Mind and give it to a friend. 

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