What if attaining deep spiritual experiences to better relationships to making more money came down to one “gold” key that needed to be used to unlock your growth and evolution? Your mind constantly chatters and engages in self-criticism. What you haven’t done, how your finances are lacking, how you need to eat less, how you look compared to people at the gym, etc in ongoing mental drama. You are literally tied up to your own negative theater of mind.

In order to break free from yourself, you must interrupt these normal tendencies of mind or you become enslaved to your own drama. How do you do this? The mental chatter can only occur when you turn on habitual patterns of thinking and mental states. The good news is that neuroscience has informed us we are not our bodies, our minds, our brains; we are observers with powerful attentional processes who choose what to focus on. Think about it. You observe your mental dialogue; you notice how your mind behaves; you have an experience of sensations and then make decisions about how you will respond to them. J. K. Rowling said, “It is our choices that makes us what we truly are, more than our abilities.

What stops the chatter? Shift your attention to focus outside yourself stops the inner chatter. Moving into deep states right above sleep which is high theta/delta. When you spend time in this deep state the mind stops the drama. In fact deep inside your own sanctuary of mind, there exists self-compassion and no sadness, worry, depression, or angst. Take time to place your attention in this deep state and experience your own revolution when you come back.

But there is another “crystal” key that really ignites an awakening in you. Stay tuned for our upcoming online course to discover that key to your personal revolution.


Upcoming Activities:

Palo Alto California June 19-20 and Sacramento June 21-22 teaching Hypnosis and Trauma for Pesi.  Join us for mind-bending experiences and tools that really work.

All our best,

Carol and Bill


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