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The wizard of Oz in Emerald City granted the Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, Dorothy, and finally himself the things they really wanted.

The Lion wanted Courage.

The Tin Man wanted a Heart.

The Scarecrow wanted a Brain

Dorothy wanted to go home.

The Wizard wanted Love.

And they were all caught in a limited reality.

They were living their version of reality which just happened to coincide with each other’s experience based on what they lacked.  Once they received their personal gifts, they changed the way they lived. By changing states and realizing they had what they wanted all along, they altered their beliefs about what was possible.

The world tells us that what we see is reality. But the brain is the generator of reality.  And we have the ability to experience multiple states of mind. Some people use altered states of consciousness to receive information and help in life. This might include prayer, opening to the source, visualization, remote viewing.  You can in fact curve reality.

We have more influence in our lives by living from a state of possibility and opportunity.  This is the state where you are pulled by goals, perhaps astounding visions for yourself, you see open doors, synchronicities, and you feel connected to people.  You feel part of a “we” and your group is important.

You begin to have amazing intuition that can be applied to life and business.

Inspiration fuels intention and action where your deep spirit energy wants fulfillment.

The future of Oz is an evolving place beyond the mundane where you make reality more of what you want by using the new tools we teach. When you begin to biohack the brain, access the resources of mind, exercise, and shift your nutrition, you begin to care more about yourself and others.  Compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, living in desired states, shifting the interior condition to determine the outcome are supportive processes.  Using fitness-fuel for the body, and future dreaming as a vision for life, feeling supported by the universe, and learning about the science of synchrony between people gives you the life you want. This is not without challenge and practice. As you really listen deeply to yourself each day, you hold a resonant open heart-space for what is emerging from the best future.  The critical voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear become silent in this space.  In this generative state beyond ego as you step into spirit, you become profoundly present to yourself.  This is the new Oz where the wizard is you.

Watch for our new program that presents the source code of accelerated life transformation.  This program goes way beyond self-help.  You can rewire your brain.  You can build your mind to work for you.  You can be physically and mentally healthy.  You can learn to deal with the disruptive change we see everywhere by upgrading your entire operating system and becoming aware that the external issues mirror our own internal ones.

(Thanks to our friend, Richard Hill for the title, who lives down under.)


Carol and Bill will be teaching in Palo Alto June 19-20 and Sacramento June 21-22, 2018 2 Day Hypnosis for Trauma and PTSD

October we will be teaching in Anaheim a new 2 day course on the latest Neuroscience discoveries for clinicians.



Carol and Bill

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