We pass through several developmental stages as we grow and add new skills and strategies to successful living.  Throughout life, there are several kinds of skill learning: learning to walk, talk, read, write, logical thinking etc. There are social skills needed that include individuation, separation, and attachment.  A person can basically function with these skills. But at some point we need to mature the mind and upgrade how we perceive and operate in the world.

A more mature skill is emotional regulation.  A child who cannot have what he or she wants, may throw a tantrum until the child learns how to stop the inner agitation.  Other important learnings include the mental exercise of shifting out of depressive thinking and learning how to support your body/mind with great nutrition so that your mental environment is stable.  While this is impossible to accomplish all of the time, it is an important goal.  Then the next level is learning what we call the Whole Brain State where you are calm, in flow, in touch with spirituality, and practicing joy.

A depth of understanding, intuition, compassion, and mature thinking emerges from the Whole Brain State.  This dimension of the self is crucial to avoid being swept up in the chaos fracturing social ethics and boundaries we see happening and gives us the ability to rise above it all.

We now have technology that speeds this process up.  In a few days using deep states with feedback from alpha/theta training, higher states of awareness develop along with a calmer nervous system and more management over emotional reactions. This leads to creating a much more positive future.  We have trained many clients with this technology over the last 20 years and seen remarkable results. In our new course we will be offering soon called A Whole Brain State of Mind:  The New Neuroscience of Activating Brain Plasticity and Turning on States of Flow.  We give you this experience online where you learn how to recognize your core life patterns and shift the negative ones without long term therapy.  Everyone has amazing abilities to heal.


Carol and Bill just had an invited article published called “Resilience Training: Using Flow States to Move from Anxiety and Depression to Optimal States of Thriving” for The Neuropsychotherapist Journal out of Sydney Australia.

Bill and Carol were just invited to teach in Australia in 2020. Watch for details.

We will be teaching in Palo Alto and Sacramento California June 19-22

October we will be teaching a new 2-day Course on practical Neuroscience for psychotherapy in Anaheim, California.

November, We will be teaching a new course on how to use the latest neuroscience in therapy in Chicago.



Carol and Bill


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