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The human mind/body is remarkable in its ability to heal and thrive.  Most people live in such high states of stress that they don’t remember what happened yesterday. Being out of touch with yourself leads to one day blending into the next in a numbed experience of life.  When stress levels are over the roof, they begin to seem normal.  But they impact memory, feeling well, problem-solving, and the garden of our relationships.  We then tend to forget to nurture those aspects of life that give us the most meaning.  Writer Ann Lamont said it humorously and well; “my mind is a bad neighborhood I try not to go into alone.”

Ask yourself these questions:  Where do I personally need to make a change?  What would make my life more satisfying; more engaged, more joyful?  What negative patterns do I still find myself repeating? Can I identify unconscious fears that impact my life?

Our culture generally doesn’t promote emotional regulation where being calm, meditative, using inner examination to upgrade the mind is important.  But we have many more abilities than most know.  The ability to step aside from feelings, calm the mind/brain through breathing and mindfulness, and essentially live in self-management each day is available. Our thoughts emerge from practiced mental states. Mental mastery leads to transformation where we truly understand ourselves and the “other”.

The deep self that creates deep change or transformation is that part of each person that is without anxiety, depression, or angst.  It resides in your inner sanctuary where the mind is actually quiet. This is the place where internal resources reside; the level of mind where all of your learning throughout your life is recorded like confidence, courage, persistence, facing fears, taking risks, and making commitments to goals. As we practice our resourceful states, we expand our perceptions of what is possible. But how do you reach that inner place of amazing calm and wisdom?

Just as we exercise our muscles, we must work out our self- regulation muscle through meditation, heart-rate variability training, simple hand warming practice, walks through nature, or gentle yoga.  Being with a group of like-minded people is helpful to reinforce the practices.  These activities bring both enlightenment and adventure.  But the deepest state of mind is amazing in its ability to heal and transform.


We will be launching a new online course through Pesi on Hypnosis for Trauma and PTSD where we talk about deep change through deep states of mind.  Watch for the announcement from them and us July 19.  We have taught this course around the country, and it has been so popular that Pesi wants to make it available to their entire list.

October  18-19 2018 we will be in Anaheim California teaching a new course:  2 Day Intensive Neuroscience:  Bring the Brain into Therapy where we will share the most cutting edge information to make your therapy and your life more effective.

November 8-9 2018 we will be in Chicago teaching the same course.

As always, we are available to provide consultations personally and professional over Zoom.us. Contact Carol at carolkershaw@aol.com or Bill at zenpsych@aol.com

We encourage you to activate your aliveness, presence, and self-compassion by being with what speaks to your heart.



Carol and Bill


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