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Several years ago we traveled to England’s countryside and met a gentleman who showed us his rose garden. He was proud of its beauty, and it gave him immense pleasure to share this treasure with friends and surprise visits from people like us. The roses were some of the largest and richest in color we […]

January 2015 Newsletter

Each year we have the immense pleasure of teaching for Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This magical place is named for the Esselen Indian tribe who lived there dating back to 2600 BC. The Esselen people believed they were connected to everything, and all things were alive.—the rocks, universe, the ocean, and everything had […]


Jonathan Livingston Seagull? He yearned to learn more than his flock would allow and become all he could be. He discovered from his mentor that he was unlimited in what he could learn. His mentor told him, “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in […]


CHANGE YOUR STATE WITH A MIND GLOBE As we come up to the holidays, it is helpful to think ahead about how you will manage the stress. While fun, these times can put you into states of overarousal. Your mental states that precede thoughts and feelings influence your health. And your own mental suggestions, negative […]


POWER MOVES IN RELATIONSHIPS The balance of power in relationships is often unconsciously maneuvered by people trying to maintain a one-up position, a one-down position, or both a one-up and one-down position. Their unconscious life pattern drives the learned behaviors. The move is toward dominance over the other with the implication that one person is […]


The core wound is a trauma that occurs sometime in childhood and unless addressed, it hangs around throughout life. One mother left her daughter with a great aunt and didn’t return until the child was 8 years old. Then the child had to figure out how to grieve losing her great aunt and reconnect with […]


The new data comes from a study published by Yale psychologist Alia Crum and team (2013). They identified the stress “mindset,” the mental “frame or lens” that you use when you approach and understand an experience. If you have a negative stress mindset, you believe, for example, that you should avoid stress at all costs, […]

June Newsletter

ARE YOU RUNNING STEPHEN KING MOVIES IN YOUR MIND? This is the cure. Stephen King is a prolific writer of the most intense and frightening horror movies ever witnessed. But, how often do you engage in an internal movie of the mind-marathon of the worst possible future scenarios? We often try to predict the future […]


New research from Harvard discovered that anger outbursts can trigger cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attacks within two hours of the outburst.  The study said, “Psychological stress has been shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure, and vascular resistance. Changes in blood flow can cause blood clots and may stimulate inflammatory responses.”  […]


Did you ever have a dream as a child and someone told you it was impossible?  Or did you give it up because adult life became too difficult? What stopped you?  Did you find your passion wasn’t there—did you give up because you didn’t have mentoring? Did you give up because you wouldn’t settle for […]

March Newsletter

What Limiting Myths Are Holding You Back? You have been living under several psychological myths. With the advent of neuroscience discoveries, we learn that Darwin was incorrect. It is not survival of the fittest, but those who cooperate the most, who are successful. We have assumed that we must fight for everything, but the truth […]

Online Ericksonian Conference: Solutions for Trauma

“Are you getting the results that you want with your traumatized clients?” Join us for this online conference and instantly begin learning how you can create breakthrough change with your clients who are dealing with trauma.” Attend at anytime (no fixed dates) and from anywhere…without spending 1000′s of dollars on conference fees, airfares and hotels. […]


How can you increase creativity and connect your intentions for goal attainment? Neuroscience has discovered the special mental state called non-thinking is key in developing ideas, solutions, and habit shifts. Non-thinking is the default state your mind moves into when you daydream or are quiet. But you can train this state, and it has great […]

January, 2014 Newsletter

YOUR BEST BIOFEEDBACK SYSTEM Researchers in Finland have discovered how emotions are experienced in the body. They found that strong feelings stimulate body sensations, and these are cross-cultural. They concluded “Emotions adjust not only our mental, but also our bodily states”. We tend to use our body sensations as feedback to ourselves to make alterations […]

Do something different this holiday to bring more: HOLIDAY CHEER!!!!

This year we want to encourage you to take some moments to really love yourself for being alive and be happy for who you are right now. Think about the last time you felt in a state of flow, all possibilities were open, and everything was pure potential.  This state can be practiced and is […]


October/November 2013SQUEEZE A BALL AND ENTER YOUR OPTIMAL MIND The optimal mind is a mental state in which we feel stress-free and happy with work, relationships, and daily life. Some simple and “free” tools we discuss can help you achieve this state of psychological coherence more frequently. What is the Optimal Mind? When your neurons […]


Strategic Neurocoaching is an accelerated approach that develops deliberate and tactical plans for business goal achievement and life success based on people’s strengths.  It focuses on 3 principles:  a.  people have amazing abilities they often do not know they have; b.  with the right strategy you can accomplish anything; c. positive future orientation leads the […]


We see a host of ailments that modern Americans contend.  Besides increasing incidents of depression and anxiety, there are a number of other health problems including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  As a general population, we seem to be less healthy than we were early in the 20th century.  In fact, when compared to […]


The Phoenix in you is the potential not yet expressed waiting to be switched on. In order for you to turn on this potential you must pay attention to your dreams and goals. Thoughts can become possibility realized. Can you imagine more love, more happiness coming into your life? Can you imagine more abundance Princeton […]

3 Easy Tools to Increase Happiness

What is the Regeneration Effect? The ability to recover from disappointment and unforeseen experiences in life that knock everyone off course comes from the body/mind’s natural return to balance once you have dealt with the feelings and figured out what to do to get back on track. These circumstances can include a surprising illness, a […]

Your Powerful Mind

What if you could quickly shift your mind out of a negative, anxious, or depressed state into a creative, calm, and productive one? And what if you could live in a more pleasant state more often than not and make significant change? Would your life improve if you could think clearly, switch on intuition, calm […]

You are More than You Think

Ground-breaking research by Bruce Lipton found that cells respond to the environment rather than being driven by genes. This breakthrough led him to suggest we are not victims of our genes.  Our perception of life events and our interpretations turn on and off gene expression.  The way we perceive life causes our chemistry to control […]

Neurocoaching the Mind: A Brain-Based Approach to Business, Financial, and Life Success Part 3

Brain Change International Monthly Digest – June 2012

June 2012 How motivated do you feel?  Are you moving toward the future you want to create?  An interesting exercise is to describe your perfect day in as much detail as possible and to assume you have no limitations financially or geographically.  So, Where would you wake up? Do you wake up early or late? […]

Brain Change International Monthly Digest – March 2012

March 2012 Neuroscientist Richard Davidson discovered that people normally have one of six emotional styles that affect how they think, feel, and live each day. These styles include: resilience, outlook, social intuition, self- awareness, sensitivity to context, and attention. Resilience is the ability to recover from a stressor. If you have trouble getting over a […]

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