January 2018 Email


Steve Jobs’ wife said of him that he believed in epic possibility. He created one of the most lucrative companies by thinking outside the box in terms of what people need and want. He demonstrated mental flexibility in many areas. One of those was the belief that he could accomplish his goals. Belief changes mental states, expectations, and behavior. If you believe you can accomplish something, you know how to activate your best mental states, and you have the right system, you will.

But if your brain isn’t working well, all the effort in the world won’t allow you to reach your goals. When you struggle with a faulty brain, you can experience disordered attention, anxiety, depression, difficulty accomplishing tasks, low energy, and foggy awareness. These symptoms can reflect problems with an undiagnosed brain injury to poor nutrition, or the unintentional practice of habitual patterns of thinking and behaving. It is useful to go through an assessment to determine what might be the root of the problem.

Some questions to determine how your brain is functioning follow: Answer 5-1 with 5 being always, 4 most of the time, 3 occasionally, 2 – rarely, and 1 -never

  1. I can organize my day and tasks easily.
  2. I can focus my attention without distraction.
  3. I can maintain my focus for longer than 10 minutes.
  4. I can stand in line without becoming irritable.
  5. I can delay gratification easily.
  6. I exercise at least twice a week.
  7. I am generally a good sleeper with 7-8 hours per night.
  8. I eat a clean and healthy diet with primarily vegetables and lean meat.
  9. I avoid eating sugar and drinking soda.
  10. I can remember things easily.
  11. I am relaxed daily.
  12. I am always engaging my brain in new reading or exercise.
  13. I tend to focus on the positive aspects of life.
  14. I am cooperative and supportive of others.
  15. If I have a disturbing or worry thought, I can let it go.
  16. I have positive thoughts.
  17. I let go of hurts from the past.
  18. I am not sensitive to criticism.
  19. I have enough energy every day.
  20. I enjoy contributing to others.

90-100 Your Brain is Functioning Well

80-90 Your Brain Needs some change in stress reduction, nutrition, sleep, or thought habits.

70-80 You may want to start making adjustments in life style and mental habits

60-70 You definitely need some assistance and may need to see a clinician skilled in the brain

Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be teaching in Bloomington, Minn. Jan 18-19 teaching Hypnosis for Trauma for clinicians. See Pesi.

We will be announcing soon our new course The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship to be held in Monterrey Mexico.

We are considering putting a new course together for a certificate in Brain Change Therapy and focusing on the latest practical neuroscience tools for change. Topics covered include how to change attachment styles, change unconscious belief structures to transform the future, and experience yourself as being more than a physical body. We focus on creating a true paradigm shift with the ability to use the most powerful tools that really provide lasting change. Give us any feedback on this idea and if you would be interested in filling out a short survey for us to include your most important areas in the focus of the course. We would love your feedback.

Pick up a copy of our book, The Worry-Free Mind on Amazon that has just been chosen by mindgourmet.com for one of the best books in 2017.

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Have a great January and stay warm.


Carol and Bill


We had a wonderful time visiting Bill’s brother and wife on their new farm which dates back to the 1700’s and has the ambiance of Hogwarts, the British school of magic from Harry Potter fame. Meeting us at their pen were four hens who all had a lot to say. The other charming characters we encountered included three cats, Kevin, a huge orange tabby, Phoebe, a demur and mystical creature, Oscar, a playful and funny animal, and a dog, Otis who could run faster than anyone could keep up with him. All of them were excited to see the 1900’s restored train slowly chug across their field to pick up Santa. He would take a ride down the track meeting many excited children all hoping to catch his ear for Christmas goodies.

We did wonder if all of this fascinating menagerie met in the middle of the night to conjure up wonderful magic to teach all of their visitors throughout the years about themselves. — That we really are more than we think. Maybe they communed under the moon and devised a potion to release the courage found in each person to face their fears and their triumphs.

It is the time of year for enchantment, fantasy, and taking your mind away from worries and concerns. A little break now can lead to a big breakthrough later as we begin to close the old year and look forward to the new one. And it’s a good time for reflection about what areas of your life you want to make better and areas you feel proud about. The good news is that you don’t need anything else but yourself to decide what to make different. You have everything you need inside yourself. You have all of the motivation you need; you just have to switch it on. The only problem sometimes is we buy into the limitations we think we have. The part of you who feels sorry for yourself or a victim to life keeps you boxed in. In what area do you need mastery? Change is a matter of motivation and drive and getting leverage with yourself. There are things you do everyday because you are motivated to accomplish them. What are your drivers? Is it your desire to contribute, to stand out, to fit in, or to heal old wounds, or your desire to overcome imperfections? Figure out what gets you up in the morning and use that energy in an area that is more difficult. If you get out of bed to go to work because you need to make a living, you don’t debate whether you will go to work. You just do it. If getting up includes something you love doing, you will enjoy it more, and your engine hums along.

Upcoming Activities:

We are offering an online course on getting leverage with yourself to master areas you haven’t yet called Super Mind. Until the end of 2017 it is $165 –Normally $250. Call 713 703-8782 to sign up and receive a bonus— Brain Changers: 21 Day Program to Your Optimal Self ($147 value) Second Bonus: The Worry-Free Mind. This course is only available through December.

Bill and Carol will be teaching in the Boston area a new course on Hypnosis and Trauma in December.

Pick up our new book The Worry-Free Mind for the Holidays.

To your best holiday ever.


Carol and Bill

October Newsletter


In our over 30 years of research and practice in clinical hypnosis, entrepreneur and leadership training, and mind/body medicine, and from 21st century science, we discovered that we are designed to live extraordinary lives with human powers that include healing from illness, longevity, overcoming adversity, and amazing flash- intuition to solve problems and build projects to transform lives. The new science gives us consciousness-shifting tools that we can apply to our relationships, our vocation, finances, and health. In fact, we have enormous potential, and science is finally catching up to some of the oldest Eastern and shamanic traditions about what is possible. So what are some of our extraordinary powers?

Based in the best rigorous scientific experiments, we discover that we can sense the future before it occurs, experience powerful states of super-consciousness, create emotional and physical healing through the practice of deep states of mind, and learn to use these states for personal and business relationships to make the best decisions. You have the ability to discern synchronistic events that may act as an oracle to guide your decisions.

When we join a group of other like-minded people and meditate on love, compassion, and empathy, the group-focused intention grows more robust plants, facilitates human healing, and reduces crime and violence. William Braud, psychologist, found in his work with the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, that human thought could affect the autonomic nervous system. One of his astounding experiments, however, occurred when he had volunteers give some blood. Each participant’s vial of blood was divided into two different test tubes. One test tube received “healing thoughts” and the other did not. Blood decays at a certain rate. But in this case, the test tubes that “received” the healing thoughts decayed twice as slow as normal. Our thoughts are really powerful.

Remote viewers around the planet, those who have been trained to focus on a person, place, or thing, and can pick up information about the object of attention, reveals another human ability. It turns out consciousness is nonlocal and exists outside of time and space.

How does this help in living everyday lives? To really embrace the idea that your mind can influence your health, your finances, business, relationships and quality of life, you discover you are not a victim of life; that you have amazing powers. During adversity, it is difficult to remember your power. But a key is taking time at the end of your day to process your life and realize that you have been driving the car of your life to this destination. But the good news is that you can take a new direction. Ask yourself if you have been driving consciously or unconsciously. What do you feel the most passionate about? The answer will point out your unique purpose and driver.

When your mind is relaxed and quiet, you have the ability to focus on clarity, self-compassion, and thoughts of possibility. With practice, you can live in positive states of mind that lead to a happy life and billion dollar ideas. Try it for a week and watch for the rewards that may show up in serendipity.

Upcoming Activities:


Bill and Carol will be in Michigan teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians where they will be teaching practical skills by using the amazing powers of the brain November 1,2, and 3.

December and January will offer a new 2- day course on Hypnosis with Trauma and demonstrate how to use EEG Hypnosis utilizing a star-trek device that can show the client and clinician which mental state a client is activating. They will be in Dedham, Mass. December 7-8 and Bloomington, MN Jan. 18-19, 2018. See Pesi.

We have had a number of people inquire about our course, The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship, and this is in the planning stages. We share how your super powers activate when you know how to flip the switch to increase both business, satisfaction, and learn how to see around the edge of time. If you have interest in this course being offered in the states or online, let us know.

Thanks for being in our community. May you be living the life you want.


Carol and Bill

September 2017 Newsletter


We make everyday decisions based on what we think we can accomplish.  Most of us were reared with the idea that we are victims of nature, our health, our genetics, and overall our biology.  The truth is that what was seen as mystical in the past, we have discovered are real abilities.  There is a reluctance for science to reveal to the masses what is being discovered.

The newest science based on peer-reviewed journals has discovered that we have enormous capacity to trigger resilience on demand, healing, self-regulate our brain and nervous systems, our biology, overcome fear and adversity, and have enormous intuition.

THIS MEANS YOU ARE WIRED TO BE EXTRAORDINARY. And when you learn about these abilities you discover that you can be successful in life and in business.  You have amazing inner tools to create solutions to problems and live in states of thriving.


As seen by the enormous outpouring of kindness and cooperation in Houston following the destruction of Harvey, we also have amazing capacities for kindness and love. It is so important to learn about those abilities in yourself.


Upcoming Activities:

Bill and Carol will be in Virginia (Charlottesville, Richmond, and Norfolk) October 9, 10, 11 teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians.  This is a practical approach to teaching about human abilities.  See Pesi.com


We continue to prepare for The Inner Game of Entrpreneurship to be held in Monterrey (TBA) and look forward to teaching how to overcome any obstacle in business and tap your amazing abilities.

Keep Having a Great Summer

Carol and Bill


Everyone who runs any kind of business is a creative entrepreneur. Whether you are a therapist, a small business owner, or you sell products online, there are times when you worry about being successful.

The truth is that you have been given amazing powers. The ability to control your thoughts, your physiology like breathing, blood pressure, and temperature is really only the beginning. When you manage the contents of your mind, you can accomplish amazing things. You can be more productive, manage what you think, and what you do.

If you have feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or fears that you can’t accomplish something, start changing the mind movies you are running and create ones that are inspiring, motivating, and compelling. When you create a compelling future to move toward, the brain begins to fire neurochemicals of serotonin and dopamine. These are the pleasure chemicals that accompany goal achievement.

The nervous system works in a particular way. You feel emotions either from the top of the head down, from the stomach upwardly, or somewhere in the body. Notice how you experience yours and imagine moving them around in a counter clockwise fashion or think about spinning them clockwise up and out of the body. When you play with sensations, you can change them. Then remember a time you were in a state of flow. Perhaps you were in nature, or around water, or just enjoying a good book. As you accomplish this state change, you change your inner movies. And then, you change the present and the future.

The curious thing is as you feel calmer, often your finances improve and your happiness increases.

Upcoming Activities:

Bill and Carol are working on a promo video for the new course: The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship which they will be teaching in Monterrey, Mexico. It focuses on cutting edge neuroscience research to shift your mindset toward abundance, create personal success by strategic thinking, eliminate blocks, and access your personal superpowers. Some of the topics we cover will include the one thing completely in your control to have more money, freedom, joy, and success; what decisions you need to make to break through your income ceiling; how the problem with your business or life is probably not what you think; how to brand your business with the brain in mind; and how to keep your business in the minds of people who would benefit from it, plus many more. We will let you know when the dates are set. If you are interested contact Francisco Martinez:fme@direx.mx

October, November we will be in Virginia and Massachusetts teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians and then in December and January we launch our new course: Hypnosis for Trauma Resolution and Resilience in Michigan and Illinois through Pesi. Watch for more specifics.

Keep Having a Great Summer


Carol and Bill

Our Latest Appearance

We recently appeared on the Aging Without Wrinkles Talk show with host Harriet Tramer. Listen to the full interview here.


Do you find yourself having repetitive patterns in life where you keep choosing a direction that blocks you from your goals? Opening into new possibilities in everyday life, work, and relationships comes from changing long-standing inhibiting patterns.

So often we are triggered into self-defeating patterns where the same old responses lead us to miserable mental states. Perhaps we feel belittled, angry, misunderstood, and we take actions or no action that lead to worse feelings.

We all have these patterns and challenges to overcome that are not easy. What can we do to break free from limiting patterns? A powerful brain change tool is to become aware of how you might be identifying with your perspective of the main character in your story to whom bad things have happened. Then make a shift to the observer position where you see yourself from a distance and the event that occurred as if it were a movie. This shift in perspective gives you more distance from the emotional charge, and allows you to respond differently. It is your position of power. This observer position is dis-identified with what happens. When your mental state is calm, your awareness expands, and you see many creative solutions that were previously blocked to you.

Upcoming Activities:

Bill and Carol will be in Cleveland teaching their 2-Day Hypnosis Certificate Course June 22-23, 2017. Details at Pesi.com

We are working on the exciting course for Mexico called The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship where we teach our Worry-Free Mind System to enhance your business and increase your finances. Contact Francisco at fme@direx.mx

Bill and Carol will be teaching a new course on Hypnosis for Trauma Resolution and Thriving for Pesi.com in December in Dedham Mass. Let us know if you are interested in the course in your area by sending us an email to carolkershaw@aol.com

Pick up our new book The Worry-Free Mind if you haven’t read it yet.

Have a wonderful June,


Carol and Bill


The unconscious mind is an amazing resource that recorded every experience and learning you have ever had. All of these experiences normally move into long-term memory and become resources to use in problem-solving. How does that work? Each time you need to access confidence, think of a previous accomplishment when you felt enormous power and confidence. As you review the memory and move into the same state you were in during the goal achievement, you take that same mental state into the next challenge. It is the mental state where patterns of excellence are connected. We all have had experiences of accomplishment some time in life, and these can be utilized for future endeavors. This is You.2 which you may never have known about.

In order to access these memories it is helpful to move into a trance state which is a state of focused attention that uses memory and imagination. The power of the unconscious mind to develop amazing solutions to problems comes from shifting your state to deep calm. Once you ask yourself a question about how to solve some dilemma and shift into deep calm, you open the portal to your unconscious wisdom. The unconscious goes on an internal search to find not just one solution but many. This amazing power is within you and is your personal Harry Potter magic of the mind.

Most people have no idea what they can do until they really learn how the mind and brain work. Your innate abilities for profound awareness, limitless problem-solving, financial increase, and creative idea development reside within. There are many strategies to access this power. One is to just count yourself down slowly from 10-0 and relax deeply as each number become smaller. After you have asked your deeper mind a question, then wait expectantly for an answer to emerge then or later.

Another strategy is to drum on a table for two minutes until you enter a state of flow or the zone. Then take a deep breath and ask the unconscious for a solution to a particular challenge.

Those of you who have taken any of our hypnosis or brain change courses have experienced this ability that you have. When you understand this capacity, you learn that negative thoughts are unnecessary. If you haven’t been to one of our trainings, notice some new opportunities below.

Upcoming Events:

Monday May 8 we will be featured on The Inspiration Show. Use this link:

May 11-12 2017 we will be in Overland, Kansas for our 2-day Hypnosis Certification for clinicians. See Pesi.com

June 21-22 2017 we will be in Cleveland, Ohio for our 2-day Hypnosis Certification for clinicians. See Pesi.com 

Pick up a copy of our new book The Worry-Free Mind which is available in Kindle, paperback, and audio on Amazon.

SPECIAL SALE: A THINNER STATE OF MIND CD FOR $16.95 which is normally $21.95 and one our most popular cds. Call Carol to leave your credit card information, expiration, and pin number and mailing address at 713 703-8782.

WATCH FOR OUR COMING ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be working with a new Star Trek-like cutting edge device that can measure real time what kind of focused attention places us in optimal states. We will be using this device in a new course in 2018.



We all have experiences that suddenly surprise us and create life shocks. These can be illness,

destructive storms, being passed over for promotion, or being rejected socially. The same part

of the brain that registers physical pain is stimulated when any of these emotional stresses

occur. So how do you cope and get back on your life path with motivation and creative energy?

All of these negative surprises can trigger our worst Stephen King Horror Movies of the Mind.

What are yours? Then we must go about calming the mind and changing the mental state. As

we teach in our seminars and writings, the problem isn’t really what you think the problem is.

It is the mental state you must shift. To shut off the negative chatter, a meditation based in

Yogic Philosophy and researched in neuroscience suggests you do the following.

1. Close your eyes

2. Focus attention on your forehead; then the temporal area, then sides of the head.

3. Next focus on the back of the head, and imagine moving attention up the brain stem to

the middle brain.

4. Say the word, Ah as you exhale for 3 minutes.

5. Notice how you begin to feel calmer.

The practice of calming the mind serves to be your Stress Thought Inhibitor. You may want to

do this exercise several times a day.


Carol and Bill will be teaching the 2-Day Hypnosis Course in Dallas, April 20-21 for Pesi

Please join us for the latest cutting edge information on using the tools of hypnosis to facilitate

positive change. Sign up soon as we already have more than 30 participants.  Pesi.com


We are working on a new workshop called The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship that is based

in practical neuroscience where we demonstrate how to make better decision, be more

productive, have better relationships, and make more money. The Worry-Free Mind System you

will learn is a simple strategic process to tune attention to resourceful states. This powerful

approach allows you to overcome worry, doubt, and procrastination as well as activates your

money neurology center.

Have a wonderful April.


Love Carol and Bill


Are you struggling with a big decision and just don’t know what to do? Trying hard to figure out what decision will take you to the best future can be difficult. Perhaps you find yourself imagining what bad things can happen if you do one thing and whether you’ll be successful if you do another. But solutions rarely emerge from an anxious mind. Fear-driven determinations hardly ever turn out well.

Milton Erickson, the famous psychiatrist who was picked by Life Magazine as one of the most influential people in the 20th century, often engaged his students in a mind experiment. He asked them to tell him how many ways they could travel from Phoenix (where he lived) to Tucson. The students told him the regular ways: use a car, bus, plane, train, or walk. Then Erickson would say, “that is very good. But if you relax your mind, your unconscious will give you more ideas.” So, the students would relax and then notice other ideas pop up. Perhaps they could take a hot air balloon, fly around the world backwards, tunnel under the ground, or ride a camel to their destination. Erickson continued to encourage other ideas through accessing the other side of the mind that we call the unconscious. Sure enough, his students demonstrated that they had access to unlimited ideas. Even though their ideas seemed whimsical and impractical, by tapping into another part of the mind, which Erickson called the unconscious, they were priming themselves to think outside the box and find novel solutions. Fast forward to the 21st century when neuroscience research discovered that shutting down conscious thought drives the process of developing creative ideas. It turns out that when you stop evaluating a problem and do something else like take a walk in the park, play a game, listen to music, take a nap, or enjoy a warm shower, and focus attention away from trying come up with a solution, a new idea shows up. This is called the process of incubation and can be induced in a short time through “mind-wandering,” where you let your mind move into a dream-like state for a few minutes (Christoff et al., 2009, Christoff et al., 2011).

When we get into a worry-mind, old solutions that don’t work, become stuck in the mind in a loop of repetitive concerns that can spiral into running your worst Stephen King horror movies of the mind. Attempting to generate new ideas is impossible until you change your mental state to one that is calmer. Then you tend to forget those stuck ideas and make room for creative solutions that you may never have thought of before (Segal, 2004; Dijksterhuis and Nordgren, 2006).

Mind Wandering is not a replacement for learning about a topic and analyzing it. But when all your preparation leads to dead-end solutions, you need to learn to reorganize the hard-earned knowledge. Taking the mind away from your goal can create the break-through you’re looking for.

In a world of fast-paced change, those people who can develop creative ideas and use a process to solve problems become successful entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, and leaders in all professions and life pursuits. Whether you are struggling with a management issue, trying to decide whether to move or not, or where to spend your birthday, you can feel stuck. When you feel blocked, take a break and know that the other side of your mind is working on the problem. When you come back to the issue, watch the answers pop up. It’s a kind of Harry Potter magic the mind uses and a wonderful extraordinary ability you have all of the time.

Upcoming Events:

Carol and Bill are being interviewed by a variety of radio shows around the country. Watch for our announcements via Facebook 

April we will be in Dallas teaching the 2-Day Hypnosis Certification Course for Psychological Issues for Pesi April 2-21, 2017  Pesi.com

May we will be in Overland Park, Kansas teaching the 2-Day Hypnosis Certification Course for Psychological Issues for Pesi May 11-12, 2017.  Pesi.com

Many people have asked us about doing a workshop for the public. We would love to offer that. Let us know your interest by emailing carolkershaw@aol.com

Have a great rest of March.

Love, Carol and Bill

February 2017 Newsletter


We live in a world of information overload. The words “breaking news” flash across the screen of your smart phone multiple times a day telling your brain that you are in immediate danger and to Pay Attention. Add to this reality the fact that the country is seriously divided politically and that more people are frightened about their immediate and long-term security, physically, economically, and emotionally than for generations. When you hit overload, your brain has the reaction of fight, flight, freeze, or faint. The reaction is useful if you about to be attacked or a tornado rages in your direction, but few of the problems you may have can be solved by your fight, flight, freeze, or faint response.

Even in emergency situations, solutions often require calm and deliberate thought and action. Think of Captain Sullenberger, the pilot who lost both engines after taking off and had little time to come up with a solution to land the airplane safely. Because he was an expert pilot and had been trained to remain calm in the face of an emergency, he was able to override his stress response and determine a complicated and novel solution, which saved the lives of everyone on board by landing the plane in the Hudson River. Even though most of us are not in that level of emergency situation, we have many decisions to make on a daily basis. Reactive thinking seldom leads to effective solutions. Based on the latest neuroscience and cognitive research, The Worry-Free Mind is a guide to help people not only avoid the suffering which occurs in a constant state of overload, but teaches people how to remain in the “zone” mentally and make better responses to multiple life challenges.

The book begins with real life stories about how we have taught people to interrupt worry patterns, which arise from acute and chronic stress. We then teach the reader how to inoculate against stress reactions. An example of one of the exercises that really work, is to give yourself a number when you think about what is stressful on a scale of 1-10, 10 being high in stress. Under stress, the brain’s blood flow to the hemispheres is unequal, and this makes you have more worry thoughts. By tossing a ball back and forth, 6-8 times across the midline, the number comes down. When you continue tossing the ball until you move yourself down to a 1, blood flow is equalized, and you feel better. Think about the stressful topic again. If your number goes up, repeat the exercise until it stays at a 1. The book ends by teaching readers how to live in states of thriving more frequently by practicing states of “flow.” When you learn how to make your brain work better for you, you can dissolve worry and live a life full of possibility.

Upcoming Events:
The Worry-Free Mind just Came out in both paperback and ebook.  Order on Amazon.

Watch for our interview announcements on Facebook-Milton Erickson Institute of Houston February 16-17

2-Day Hypnosis Certification Course Pesi.com

February 24-27 Carol will be teaching Brief Hypnotherapy for Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety in Guadalajara and Monterey Mexico Contact: ruchata@hotmail.com

Carol and Bill are available for workshops. Call 713 703-8782 or email carolkershaw@aol.com

Have a wonderful January.

Love, Carol and Bill

January 2017 Newsletter

You can operate at a higher level than you ever believed possible. But the newest research from Harvard suggests that only 8% of people achieve their goals in a year. The reason is that your brain doesn’t respond well to the command: “stop doing x—like stop eating donuts or stop procrastinating or stop feeling depressed. Rather, you are more successful if you break goals down into mini accomplishments on your way to a larger goal. The key is to focus on developing a better version of yourself by setting an intention and a specific plan of action like going to the gym at a certain time without debate.

The second strategy is to move into flow states more frequently. Flow is the experience of unifying with an activity as in tennis or when you are doing something creative and you lose track of time. Flow moves you out of worry and into your life where accomplishing something is a secondary benefit to a wonderful mental state that builds resilience.

At any age you can be free of depression, resistant to stress, more vibrant, achieve success, and feel alive. The secret key is “Neurogenesis”. This is the brain’s ability to form new cells. But the rate at which you do this is tied to the quality of your life. You can increase your rate of neurogenesis at all ages 3-5 times. Neurotoxic aging is a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle, both inner and outer. So if you focus on a small goal surrounding what you eat or how you exercise, you will be more successful, your mood will be cheerier, and your brain will love you for it.
Upcoming Events:
Carol and Bill will be in Tucson, Scottsdale, and Phoenix January 18,19, and 20 teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians: Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods, and Substance Abuse for Pesi. See Pesi.com

They will be teaching a 2-day Hypnosis Intensive Certification course: Applying Hypnosis to Psychological Treatments February 16-17 in Houston at the Double Tree Suites Hilton Galleria for Pesi. See Pesi.com

Carol travels to Guadalajara and Monterrey Mexico Feb 23-26 to teach Brief Hypnotherapy to Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression. Contact: ruchata@hotmail.com

The Worry-Free Mind comes out January 23. Please pre-order from Amazon.  Preorder on Amazon

December Newsletter


As the year draws to an end, all of us begin to look toward what we want to accomplish in the next year. What if you could reach your next year goals in less than half the time? Can you actually bend reality to create 10x your results? Those peak performers in life use successful strategies to make this happen.

One of the most powerful strategies is to be future-compelled rather than past-driven. This means that you locate the motivation and fascination inside yourself that has always been there about something for which you have passion. This is an intense curiosity that stays with you throughout your life. For us, we are passionate about helping people utilize their own neurology and biology to make the lasting changes they desire. The more that neuroscience research emerges toward this end, the more we can follow our hearts and accomplish this goal with our consulting, writing, and teaching.

To that end, you may want to rid yourself of 10 things that don’t move you toward your future and drain energy and only do those things that will build energy. If you ask yourself why you want to discard something, the process allows you to create yourself (future-compelled) rather than discover who you are (past-driven). But remember, every person struggles to accomplish the creating. Then you can find the habits and patterns to use every day to move toward the future you want.

Power Thought: Take vitamin D every day for serotonin regulation and put in your mind images and thoughts that de-stress or what comes out of your mouth will be stressors for your friends and family.

Upcoming Events:

Bill and Carol will be teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians January 18, 2017 in Tucson where we will focus on practical uses to create strategic change. January 19 –Scottsdale and January 20 –Phoenix. See Pesi.com

The Worry-Free Mind comes out January 23. Please pre-order from Amazon. Preorder  on Amazon.

Carol and Bill are available to schedule workshops. Just call Carol at 713-703-8782 and Bill at 832-545-4833.

November Newsletter


Jack suffered greatly around feeling disappointed in his life. He searched for the latest therapist, teacher, seminar, or book that would fill in the life gaps that he could access to comfort himself and deal with the deeper disappointment of not achieving his goals. But, he complained that he wasn’t getting what he deserved with regard to opportunities, money, and kudos. What he didn’t understand was that a goal worthy of your time and effort are often difficult, complex, and time consuming.

For most of us the issue isn’t whether we can accomplish something, but do we want to spend the time and effort to do what is necessary. The answer cannot be fully known until you begin to try. There is no shame in starting something and then deciding that you don’t want it that badly. There is no shame in asking for help. Few people get to where they want to go without assistance from coaching, information, or training. The help you need won’t come in easy formulas or platitudes but finding a mentor who will help you look into yourself, develop insight into who you are and what you want, and do the slow and hard work of developing the skills needed to accomplish that goal. When you identify what is really satisfying, then you can create a workable plan of action to get there. Your brain loves action plans and action steps that you formulate and learning the skills needed to reach the goals that are really right for you.

Power Thought: Ask yourself in a situation where you feel disappointed, “what do I need to focus on or do —-or remember or believe”===and your unconscious mind knows the answer. This takes 100% responsibility for your life and you will feel empowered.

Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be in Hartford, Connecticut December 1-2 , 2016 to teach the 2-Day Hypnosis Intensive Certificate Workshop sponsored by Pesi. See Pesi.com

Carol and Bill just finished editing The Worry-Free Mind and look forward to its publication the middle of January.Preorder  on Amazon.

Have a wonderful November.


Carol and Bill



How do you manage the uncertainty of the future? Most people use strategies of either being too rigid to feel like they control outcomes or strategies to calm chaos as in substance abuse or shopping to handle anxiety and worry. Neither really does the trick. Maintaining rigid rules leads to an inflexible life and more discomfort. Calming your chaos with too much alcohol makes you more anxious. The brain loses its ability to create Alpha, the natural relaxation brain frequency. And no amount of shopping can lead to steady calm.

In order to connect with your inner compass, you must change the internal state of chaos or rigidity and stop running your story. How do you do that? Realize that you are telling yourself stories all of the time about you and others. They may not be true but are projections of your own mind. Secondly, you can feel secure in the midst of uncertainty. Listen to the song, “Okay” by The Piano Guys. Then engage in some form of mental training to calm the mind. Count your exhalations slowly until you reach seven and then begin again. Your mind will chatter. Then you will notice the silence between thoughts.

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Carol and Bill will be in Lancaster Oct 6-7 speaking on Brain Change Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression sponsored by JK Seminars.
October 27-28 Pesi hosts Bill and Carol for a 2-Day: Hypnosis 2Day Intensive Certificate Workshop: Applying Clinical Hypnosis with Psychological Treatments in Parsippany, N.J. See Pesi.com

We are in the editing stage of our new book: The Worry-Free Mind it is available for preorder  on Amazon.

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What shapes your reality? Your conscious and unconscious beliefs. Based on your internal states of mind, you can shift even unconscious beliefs. Those show up as the same obstacles that keep you from achieving a goal. But it is important to understand what reality you wish to create. Perhaps you never questioned what you think or believe.

Once you begin to actively wonder about what could be better, you start to upgrade the mind. The next step is to train your attention through what we might call “neuro-upgrading.” You can make your brain work better. Our life experience is the complex interaction of psychology and physiology. To upgrade your personal evolutionary system and balance your neurology, you must engage some mental practice. Try this neuro-flow exercise to optimize focus and access an inspired and hyper-creative state: Do the following:

  1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale, and focus on the area called the “third” eye for one minute. 
  2. Open your eyes and focus on one spot for one minute. 
  3. Now with eyes open, defocus to see a bigger picture like the ocean, a picture of a mountain range, or just your room.

You have just harnessed your own neuroplasticity and health through creating a fast state of flow.
Upcoming Activities:
Carol and Bill will be in Connecticut and Rhode Island Sept 14, 15, and 16 to teach Neuroscience for Clinicians. See Pesi.com

You may pre-order our new book The Worry-Free Mind at Amazon,The Worry-Free Mind is on Amazon.

Be sure and watch for the next newsletter on how to evolve your consciousness to a new and more successful level.


Carol and Bill

August Newsletter


With all of the Super Hero movies making their way into the theaters, you have the opportunity to consider which is your favorite. Think about the particular qualities of that hero. Superman and Supergirl are from another planet, and we could think of them as immigrants who had to figure out how to live in a new world. What qualities do they have that you want? Mental flexibility, learning how to both fit in and be leaders? Batman doesn’t really have super powers, but he has amazing tenacity. What he sets his mind to, he accomplishes. Wonder Woman carries advanced technology such as the Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone it captures to tell the truth. She also carries indestructible bracelets that she uses to deflect weapon fire and to create a force field for protection. Who wouldn’t want those abilities? So try this experiment. How about going through your day as one of your favorite superheros and see what you accomplish.

Your story about yourself will completely change when you live in the essence of your super hero. And you learn that what doesn’t exist now can exist in the future. The experience can increase your sense of certainty and belief in yourself to create the life you want.

Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be teaching: Doing Hypnosis in Woburn, Waltham, and Dedham, Massachusetts. Sign up at at Pesi.com

We are just finishing our book: The Worry Free Mind: Train Your Brain, Calm the Stress Spin Cycle, and Discover a Happier, More Productive You. This book introduces your brain’s superpowers that have been discovered by neuroscience and how to harness them to have the best life possible, The Worry-Free Mind is on Amazon for pre-order.


Carol and Bill

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Newsletter May: 2016

Can You Really Get Over Worry?

Settling down your internal state helps eliminate an onslaught of bad solutions including worry. Worry is a habitual and often impulsive reaction to life’s surprises. Do you ever have a day without them? When you stay calm in the face of a life shock, alert at your job, and involved in something with little stimulation, you feel wonderful and guess what? You don’t worry. Pamela Peeke, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, who is a long time meditator and treats food addictions, suggests that if you can delay an impulse by hitting an internal pause button, you are less likely to follow through on the thought. There are specific tools you can use to access your inner resources.

Doing some other things like exercise and meditation develops the pause button. If you need to feel calmer, these two good-habit-forming activities can do the trick. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your energy and drive, both of these activities are secret passageways to living your edge and accessing profound ideas from your deepest mind. Best of all, your happiness increases, worry disappears, and you stay in control of your life.

Remember A. A. Milne’s words: Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
Upcoming Activities:
In June Carol and Bill will be teaching in the L.A. area Doing Hypnosis and Neuroscience for Clinicians. Register at Pesi.com

Carol and Bill’s new book, The Worry-Free Mind is on Amazon for pre-order.

All our best for the best of May.


Carol and Bill



A successful science writer, Stephen Kottler, developed lyme disease. It was debilitating. He couldn’t get out of bed from terrible weakness and after all available drugs were tried that failed, he didn’t know what to do. Then his friends literally dragged him to the ocean and put him on a surf board. He only spent a few minutes floating but came back feeling high from the experience. As he did the same thing many times, his energy returned, and his body cured the illness. Stephen miraculously found the state of Flow led to his healing.

The leading edge of neuroscience research is showing remarkable strides in examining the state of flow. Flow is a state of complete focus, mental clarity and instinctive action. The characteristics of Flow are: the sensation of being outside normal reality; the feeling of timelessness; the sense that you are part of something larger; the absence of physical pain; and the experience of ecstasy.

Flow activates resilience. When you allow yourself to enter the state of flow, which is a fragile state at best, it balances the nervous system, releases neurochemicals such as anandamide, oxytocin, endorphins, and norepinephrine. Your ability to recover from disappointment and pain is enhanced as well as your mental outlook is enhanced.

Clinical hypnosis can stimulate the flow state as well as meditation. Flow is a transpersonal state that often activates the healing response or what some call the placebo effect. You have remarkable abilities to overcome many issues. So, go with the Flow


Upcoming Activities

Carol and Bill will be offering their new course Unleash the Power of Placebo: Mind/Body Healing and Hypnosis with Roxanna Erickson-Klein
April 22-23, 2016
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In June, Carol and Bill will be in L.A. to teach two courses: Doing Hypnosis and Neuroscience for Clinicians For all of the dates we will be in California, go to our page on the Pesi website and click on the seminars tab.



WorryFreeMindCoverCarol and Bill just received a book contract and will publish The Worry-Free Mind in February of 2017. It discusses the latest neuroscience tools for overcoming your worst Stephen King Movies of the mind. Watch for more information to help make this a best-seller.


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Carol and Bill


Go with the Flow

The body’s self-healing mechanism is remarkable. While we are often living in pollution and high levels of stress, there appears a remarkable state of mind that has 150 years of research behind it that shows the body/mind can overcome amazing things. This is the state of Flow or being in the zone.

It turns out that learning how to deliberately trigger your own flow states turns on the placebo or self-healing response. Flow cause inflammation to decrease, worry and rumination to dissolve, and healing often follows.

What keeps flow down are chronic tensions, poor diet, lack of exercise, and stuck states of limiting beliefs about what is possible. Everyone has had those experiences of states of excellence you were so focused and lost in the moment of extreme unity that time stood still. By remembering the state you can re-experience it.

Upcoming Activities:

Join Bill and Carol along with Roxanna Erickson Klein Aprill 22-23, 2016, in Houston for the New course: Unleash the Power of Placebo: Mind/Body Healing and Hypnosis to learn the latest skills in triggering the placebo response. The course will run 9:00 am to 4:30. 12 ceu’s for psychologists, LPC’s, and LMFT’s are available nationwide. Click here to register today. Call for further information: 713-703-8782.

In June Carol and Bill will be teaching in the L.A. area Doing Hypnosis and Neuroscience for Clinicians. Register at Pesi.com

All our best to a great March.

Carol and Bill


How To Manage Your Anxiety

When you worry and ruminate you begin to raise levels of arousal or excitement and turn on the sympathetic nervous system. While the best mental state is to return to calm, sometimes that is too difficult. You can’t move from one intense emotion to its opposite without a bridge of some sort like a calming ritual. If you are getting ready to give a talk or sing in public, the better strategy is to tell yourself, “ I am excited,” or tell yourself to “get excited” and use it as an incantation. In her research, Alison Wood Brooks of Harvard Business School, found that when you allow the nervous energy of a situation to flow through you, call it something more positive, and stop trying to control it, you have the ability to manage it better. Excitement and anxiety are close physiologically and are both experienced as high arousal. This strategy is not trying to persuade yourself that things are easy. It is possible to change the feeling from a “threat” mindset to a challenge mindset.

The worry mind is often triggered by novel and uncomfortable situations. It’s always a good strategy to inform yourself about the details of an upcoming event that makes you worry. If you can go to the place where it will be held and become familiar with the surroundings so there are few surprises, you keep your worry at bay.


Carol and Bill are planning their next phase where they will be teaching and writing. April 22-23, 2016 in Houston will see a new course with Dr. Roxanna Erickson-Klein called Mind/Body Hypnosis and Healing. The newest information on the power of placebo and how to trigger this response will be discussed along with new tools and strategies for pain management and how to develop a challenge mindset rather than a threat perspective. We have discovered new strategies, based in neuroscience, that can make you braver, stronger, happier, and more resilient. Watch for details!!

In June Carol and Bill will be in Los Angeles 13-15 teaching Doing Hypnosis: Interventions to Immediately Transform Clients with Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Addiction, and Obesity. June 17-19 in Los Angeles we will be teaching Neuroscience for Clinicians. Watch for details!!

If you need to reach Carol call 713 703-8782 and Bill at 832-545-4833


Carol and Bill



Freud made enormous contributions to our way of thinking about the mind. He borrowed from 19th century Newtonian physics, which held that humans are mechanical and called his process “psychodynamics”. These principles included laws that governed energy and entropy. Freud focused on helping people explore their internal conflicts and early attachments. He believed that by developing insight, people could change their behavior.

Today with the advent of the new physics that evolved from quantum science and research from brain imaging and advances in neuroscience, we have a different understanding of how to enhance motivation to accomplish goals and develop a calmer internal world. While early attachment styles are important to understand, now we know that your mental state is crucial to your emotions and behavior. By changing the way you pay attention to your world, and managing your environment to support the change you want to make, you can change anything. We learn attention habits and practice a narrow focus where the only thing we notice is anxious thinking, or we practice an open focus where we take in other information or focus outside the mind. When you develop flexibility of focus, you feel happier and calmer for longer periods of time. And your thinking changes dramatically.

But if you continue to practice the same mental habits every day, you maintain the same person you think you are. When you direct your attention to what you can become by interrupting old habits of thinking and focusing, you move into immense possibilities for your future. This won’t happen through medication or by accident. It takes mental training by using neurofeedback or intense meditation, exercise, or some mental practice.

How about this experiment: Try to have a worry thought while you focus on the imaginary space between your ears. It’s impossible!


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Upcoming Activities:

Carol and Bill will be presenting at the International Ericksonian Congress in Phoenix December 11-13., 2015 http://www.ericksoncongress.com

After the first of the year, we will be offering a new online course through Ryan Nagy on Hypnotic Brain Change for Anxiety.

April 22-23, 2016 we will be offering a NEW workshop on mind/body healing based in the latest research. Joining us will be Dr. Roxanna Erickson-Klein, one of Dr. Milton Erickson’s daughters.

We will be closing our clinical practice December 17 to focus on writing and teaching workshops. We are planning our 2016 calendar now so if you are interested in us doing workshops for you, please contact us soon at 713-529-4588 or 713-703-8782 or 832-545-4833


Carol and Bill

November Newsletter

Can you create the future you want?

Milton Erickson was an amazing clinician who developed a unique therapeutic approach that was amazingly effective. From working on his family farm, he learned a respect for life. He encouraged people’s best decisions, and interrupted negative habitual patterns. We have a poster of Erickson on our office wall with the quote, “whatever you can imagine, you can master.” This was his life philosophy that has influenced us so much. When great people cross your path, it makes you look at your own life and your beliefs about what is possible. Erickson discovered that novel experiences create new learning to open the mind toward the possibility of personal success. When you are on the right path, you feel alive, develop certainty about what to do, and can still be responsible to your family, life partner, and business colleagues. If, however, you feel yourself being critical of others and fighting with them internally or having intense reactions, you may need to look at what is really promoting that response. It may be that you are unhappy with yourself. Your mind hates uncertainty and fear. When you look at your future, you want to know that you can create what you want. First begin with clarity of purpose and develop a workable plan to get there. It is so easy to lose connection with yourself about what lights up your life and to feel like you’re walking through molasses or living other people’s lives instead of yours. If you’re up against a roadblock, it may only mean that the system you’re using isn’t the right one.

To keep moving forward, you must know how to make the best decisions possible. There are several strategies to follow. One approach is to realize that no decision is ever carved in stone. If need be, if things aren’t working, you can always change your mind. Most decisions are really about how to live in the your most comfortable mental state. So, you must identify that first. Then ask how will your decision for change set you up to achieve more of your “target” state? The decision might entail moving to a new city, getting a new job, or starting a new business. Once you complete this personal assessment and you have the plan, take the first step and see what happens.

New Plans for us:

We will be closing our clinical practice in December to focus on writing and teaching workshops. We will be available for skype-type consultations (zoom.us) after the first of the year so please call us to set that up over the next few weeks. Carol: 713 703-8782 or Bill: 832-545-4833.

Upcoming Activites:

We will be teaching at the next 12th International Erickson Congress -Dec. 9-14, 2015. Our courses will focus on cutting edge discoveries in neuroscience and tools for brain change and how to achieve the optimal mind. See www.ericksoncongress.com

Watch for our new online Ericksonian course on Anxiety to be announced.

Our new course April 22-23, 2016 in Houston will focus on Mind/Body Healing and strategies to stimulate the placebo response. Dr. Roxanna-Erickson Klein will join us for a fascinating two days on the latest practical information and tools to help people heal mind/body issues.

Have a great November and Happy Thanksgiving.

Carol and Bill

October 2015 Newsletter

When you focus on self affirmation, you open into the possibility of changing a behavior that would increase life happiness.  Think about what is important to you and let yourself feel grateful for that.  Gratitude increases the feel good chemical, dopamine, in the brain.

Milton Erickson told the story of trying to get a stubborn cow to go into the barn.  The more he pulled her from the front, the more she stood her ground.  Then he had a brilliant idea.  He went around to the cow’s tail and pulled it.  Sure enough, the cow walked into the barn.

To help change someone else, a person needs to be open to making a change.  But if you are a parent who wants to encourage a child who seems oppositional and combative, being more indirect may be better.  Rather than directly pushing someone to do something he or she is resisting, it can be useful to point out how useful it may be to wait on doing certain things.  It might be better to give this new endeavor a lot of thought and wonder what other needs you have to address first.

Children and adults resist doing certain things for good reason.  Either they are fearful, lack confidence, or just aren’t interested.  Any of these reasons are legitimate.  When you take away the pressure to do something, a person can get in touch with his or her true desires.


Carol and Bill will be closing their clinical practice at the end of the year. They will move into full time teaching workshops and writing.

Upcoming Activities:

The next Online Ericksonian Conference on Anxiety will be offered soon. Watch for the announcement.

April 22-23 2016 Carol and Bill will be a offering a new workshop in Houston on Triggering the Power of Placebo with the latest neuroscience tools. Watch for details.


Have a great rest of October.


Carol and Bill

August Newsletter


Barbara was so desperate for connection that she kept having the same experience. She would meet someone, hold high hopes for that person, and then feel extremely disappointed when something happened that didn’t fit her model for feeling great satisfaction. Research in neuroscience tells us that experiences we have with caregivers become hard-wired into our brain. By the time we are 3 years old, patterns of emotional understanding and empathy are established.

Barbara didn’t realize that her parents modeled anxious and insecure attachment so that it was difficult for her to soothe herself when alone and to truly connect with another without feeling anxiety and disengaging. Her model and systems for living demanded immediate change without effort. She became disappointed and angry with most new potential partners. Her unconscious expectations once again led to her unconscious and expected outcome.

You were to designed to unlock hidden possibilities. But the next mental state you allow yourself to enter and the behaviors you express will either repeat the past or open into a new future. We teach the concept of positive hypnosis that can help you change how the past is activated in the present. You can change the attachment style you learned in your family by becoming aware of it first. Then, notice your internal movies when around another person. They will be habitual and patterned. Barbara became aware that her disappointment was preceded by fears of being left or controlled by another. Her pattern was to emotionally leave before someone could leave her. Her experience was that others left her.

Where you focus your attention and how you focus can create amazing change. This is the simple explanation for hypnosis. The magic of the right focused attention can change the way your brain functions so that stressful events don’t get in. You can start developing more awareness about your own inner dynamics. Experimenting with accessing your curiosity about what is possible and staying with something or someone for a longer period of time, can result in a more positive outcome, particularly if you can honestly share feelings and disappointments and understand your part in the problem. Sometimes the results occur in a brief amount of time, and sometimes it takes longer to notice a change. You must recondition the mind to have a different experience in your reality. The effort in learning how to use your mind really pays off. You can create a New Destiny.


Upcoming Events

Bill and Carol will be presenting at the 12th International Erickson Congress December 9-14, 2015 in Phoenix on SUPER MIND: Accessing the Neuro-Flow State for Achieving the Optimal Self and several panel discussions.

Carol’s book, The Couple’s Hypnotic Dance, is available in kindle format now on Amazon.

Bill and Carol continue to work on their new book.

Have a great rest of the summer.

Carol and Bill