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  • A Thinner State of Mind by Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D.


    Use hypnosis and binaural beats to aid in weight loss and management.

  • Change Anything for Good


    Many people struggle for years in pain to change bad habits or to accomplish life goals. Change Anything for Good, from Dr. Carol Kershaw, is based on her book, Brain Change Therapy: Clinical Interventions for Self Transformation that demonstrates how to make change without pain. Pain always comes from the oscillation between wanting to change and not wanting to change. This CD program discusses how to install powerful self-regulation strategies that change internal states and rewire the brain to accomplish life goals and gain personal control. When we learn how to make the brain work for us and change our environment to support the change we want, we can change anything for good. This set includes 2 audio cds.

  • Healing Developmental Problems


    This 4 CD set featuring Dr. Carol Kershaw and Dr. Bill Wade, discuss various techniques to deal with developmental problems.

  • How to Stop Smoking


    You can quit smoking using the power of hypnosis. Rich and empowering hypnotic visualizations can help set you free from the urge to smoke.

  • Mind Body Healing


    We have the ability to influence our body’s healing by altering our consciousness in self-hypnosis. This CD offers the latest in research on mind/body and healing issues. A trance experience is provided that focuses on healing illnesses and managing chronic conditions.

  • Mind/Shifting for Ultimate Joy by Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D.


    Where we focus our minds result in certain internal states. This CD shows you how to shift out of negative states into more positive ones. When you “mind/shift”, you can expand your ability to master the mind’s tendency to think negatively. Learn how to harness your inner power and have more happiness and satisfaction every day.

  • Quantum Self: Hypno-Bilateral Stimulation to Overcome Trauma and Achieve the Optimal Mind


    Explore your amazing abilities to tap into an amazing power to create a new reality for yourself. Quantum Self uses powerful hypnotic exercises along with bilateral music to both dissolve past trauma and open you to a new world of optimal thinking, feeling, and behaving.

  • Self Hypnosis for Life Mastery by Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D.


    Self-hypnosis is a remarkable and powerful tool to develop mastery of emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. Your inner ability to enhance states of happiness and personal control is unlimited. When you know how to harness the mind, you can accomplish anything you can imagine. Make changes in your life from the moment you listen to this CD and do the mental exercises. As you begin to know about yourself and your hidden potential, anything is possible. Happy Trancing!

  • Subliminal Weightloss


    Subliminal video is a powerful tool for influencing your unconscious mind’s programming for success. Watch this DVD for ease in weight loss and confidence building. Break unwanted eating habits and install success patterns with messages flashing at a rate difficult to see. Hypnotic suggestions are given in the background. Set your intention to lose weight and change negative patterns into habits of transformation.

  • The Merlin Principles: Unleashing the Power of Deep Trance for Quantum Change by Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D.


    This series covers cutting edge information about the power of the mind for healing emotional and body issues and uses the archetype of the magician to demonstrate what we can accomplish in deep trance states. Merlin harnessed the “the force,” knew the future, and had amazing access to information for decisions and personal growth. What he knew we can know in the 21st century.

  • Using Stories and Metaphors


    Stories and metaphors enchant children and adults and offer kind and respectful strategies for teaching values, ethics, new solutions, and creative approaches to all problems. Milton Erickson believed that everyone has the answers to any dilemma inside. This 3 CD set offers the listener a blueprint for constructing these powerful methods of turning on the right brain circuits for lasting change in any context. Clinicians, leaders, and parents would benefit from learning this approach to influence, teach, and stimulate internal abilities.

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