Mind Habits

Mind Habits


Based on more than a decade of research and findings by Dr. Mark Baldwin of esteemed McGill University in Montreal, MindHabits presents simple and fun challenges that can help you maintain a more positive state of mind resulting in reduced stress, boosted self-confidence, reduced exam anxiety, improved work performance, and even a better golf game!

MindHabits for PC and Mac features scientifically designed training challenges, as well as measurement tools, to help you gain and maintain a more positive frame of mind. In one challenge, for example, you must find the smiling faces in a crowd of frowns, which studies have shown can help train your mind to react to positive information. Similarly, word challenges associate certain concepts with your own personal words, reinforcing positive personal associations and activating positive patterns of thought.

+More than a decade of research and findings behind “MindHabits” shows:
– People can actually train themselves to develop positive mental habits using specially designed games such as MindHabits
– Playing can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol by up to 17%
– Benefits can be gained from playing in just 5 minutes a day.

+ 200 levels of game play in 4 core games
+ Daily tracking of results and measurement of progress over time
+ Customizable male/female only options
+ Over 1,500 face images in higher levels
+ Game play adaptable to player skill level
+ Ability to customize for age, neighborhood, and facial characteristics
+ Science lab that explains how and why MindHabits works

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